Nye Casio-projektorer i mars

Maximum flexibility, functionality and quality - all in one
Ideal presentations in any situation: CASIO launches three new compact projectors with extremely high luminosity

Norderstedt, January 2005 - Following its successful entry into the presentation technology market, CASIO is now pleased to announce the launch of three new high-luminosity data projectors, for perfect presentations. With the development process driven by user requirements, maximum quality and functionality have been made top priorities - perfect presentations call for equipment that must be exceptionally flexible, lightweight, functional and easy to operate, as well as extremely bright. The new XJ-360, XJ-460 and XJ-560 compact projectors, with their sleek design, are so versatile that they are able to deliver outstanding image quality in any presentation situation.

The unique zoom lens developed by CASIO offers a 2x zoom factor - the highest zoom factor currently available in any data projector. An aspherical lens, never used before in any data projector, guarantees extremely high image quality in every situation. With all three projectors offering this highest degree of flexibility, they are able to produce a clear picture from distances as close as 0.80m. An image approximately 1.2m wide can be achieved from any distance between 1.6m and 3.2m from the projection screen. Be it a small office or a large conference room, the projectors always deliver clear, focused images.

Clear, contrast-rich images under all lighting conditions: these compact projectors, in their sleek aluminium casing, use a condenser lens uniquely designed by CASIO and a specially shaped lamp reflector. This combination produces an astonishing brightness that enables usage even in daylight conditions. The flagship model in the new range, the XJ-560, offers 3000 ANSI lumens for images with remarkable brilliance and clarity.

Magnificent projection now becomes an instant reality: the new XJ-460 and XJ-560 models are both fitted with a phase differentiation sensor system as standard. At the press of a button, this system identifies any horizontal or vertical image distortion and corrects it automatically. The system also features an auto focus function, enabling undistorted images to be projected from angles of up to 30° to the projection axis, with no need for time-consuming manual adjustments. In conjunction with the 2x zoom, this practical function considerably increases the scope of the projector's positioning within the presentation location.

Thanks to their easy operation, these are mobile projectors that can be set up and packed away in seconds. The Direct Power Off function helps here - after switching off, the projector can be disconnected from the power supply immediately. The fan to cool the projector keeps running and the device can be stowed away swiftly after use.

The three new projector models are available from March 2005.

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