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New source confirms HTC Flyer

Last year, Apple created a whole new product category by launching the iPad. So far there's been a limited number of competitors in this segment, leaving just Samsung Galaxy Tab and Huawei S7 as real contenders to the iPad on the Norwegian market.

Now HTC looks set to enter the race with a pad called "Flyer". Amobil was first publication to bring the full specifications of HTC's new tablet, and they have now been confirmed to us by another insider who is familiar with the company's plans.

From the specifications list we can see that HTC Flyer has a lot in common with Samsung Galaxy Tab with its capacitive 7 inch display, making it about half the size of the iPad.

Quick launch - no Android Honeycomb

We have now confirmed that the Flyer will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. HTC is eager to launch the product quickly, and has no time to wait for Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

This probably means we will see HTC Flyer on the market shortly. According to our original source April is a likely shipping date for Europe, while Digitimes estimates March as the shipping date for the US market.

HTC Sense interface

Since Android 2.3 is not optimized for tablets, HTC has made several changes to the menu systems on the Flyer, incorporating HTC Sense. These adjustments aim to create a smooth transition to a bigger screen than HTC's mobile phones.

According to our sources the tablet will be very light weight, but we don't have a specific figure. The HTC Flyer will also be equipped with a powerful battery.

Curiously, the Flyer will come with an included stylus. This was common on earlier tablets, but most of todays tablets are operated by simply using your fingers.

Norwegian version - with expert commentary

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