New Razr V3i with iTunes

8 Nov 2005 18:31Først publisert 8 Nov 2005 16:35

Motorola unveiled the Razr V3i today. At first glimpse the newcomer seems like yet another Razr, but there many new features hidden under the shell.

First and foremost, the new V3i model will carry Apple iTunes software. Video clips from the news site The News Market shows the new software in action, and Motorola UK has confirmed to Amobil that the new model will come with iTunes built-in.

--- See the iTunes-Razr in action (.mpg, appx 30 MB) ---

- V3i will be launched in two versions; one carring iTunes, and the other being shipped without it. The availabilty of the software will depend on local market condidtions and the agreements that are reached with operators, says Allan Blair, Consumer PR Manager Motorola UK, to Amobil.

This will be the second Motorola phone with iTunes software so far, appearing only a couple months after the Rokr E1, that was launched earlier this year.


Support of iTunes enables you to transfer and play play music bought from Apple´s online music store, the same way you play music on the iPod.

Rokr was originally meant to be Apple´s and Motorola´s success formula for mobile music lovers. However, that plan came to a halt as Apple´s own iPod-players stood in the way. The public also disapproved of the cheap design used in the Rokr E1. Following the launch, officials from Apple and Motorola even started arguing in the public media.

With the Razr-models finally appearing with iTunes software, it seems like Motorola has no intention of giving up its music phones. Razr has been one of the key factors that has given Motorola an increased share of the mobile phone market this year. Combining the Razr design with Apple´s software, could be the move necessary to gain market approval.

Several updates
The V3i comes with more punch than music software. The 0,3 megapixel camera from the original V3 model has been replaced with a 1,23 megapixel camera. Also, the new model will come with 8x digital zoom and video capture ability.

The internal memory is specified to 12 MB, and can be expanded through TransFlash memory cards. Whether or not there is a set ratio for how music can be uploaded to the phone - reminiscent of the Rokr E1 limitation to 100 songs - remains to be seen.

- I can not comment on the phone´s music storage capacity, as I am not yet familiar with what agreements we have with Apple, says Blair to Amobil.

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