Uwe Boll svarer

Uwe Boll er kjent for å slå ned kritikerne sine. Har du baller nok til å stille ham spørsmål?
Uwe Boll er kjent for å slå ned kritikerne sine. Har du baller nok til å stille ham spørsmål?

Har du hatt lyst til å stille både det ene og det andre spørsmålet til Uwe Boll, regissøren som er både kjent og utskjelt for filmatiseringen av spill? Da hadde du sjansen her på Kulturo.no.


Uwe Boll har hovedsaklig blitt kjent fordi han har filmatisert suksessrike spill som "Blood Rayne", "Dungeon Siege", "Alone In The Dark" og "Postal". I tillegg er han kjent for å gi kritikerne sine en omgang i bokseringen om de blir for innpåslitne, da under navnet «The Raging Boll». Nedenfor kan du lese spørsmålene Uwe Boll svarte på da han var gjest i vårt nettmøte her på Kulturo.no:

  1. Why should I see your films?

    Spørsmål fra Vidar Daatland:

    Hi Mr. Boll!

    I love to see films, but there is so many films to see and so little time. There are still films by people like Bergman, Lynch and Cameron that I have yet to see. I've never seen any of your films. People tell me your movies are "crap" (not my words, I have no idea since I've yet to see any of your work).

    So, the question is: Can you give me a good reason to put more known movies on hold and instead watch one of your movies? And of all your movies, which would you recommend the most?

    I made a lot of different movies. If you like comedies you should definitly see POSTAL....its my favorite film.
    If you like Horror - you should see SEED  or my BLOODRAYNE movies. If you like epic you should check out IN tHE NAME OF THE KING.    
    My goal is not to make masterpieces - my goal is to make interesting, edgy movies
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:25
  2. Your relationship to videogames:

    Spørsmål fra Thomas Johan:

    This is probably a silly question, but I can't remember finding an answer to it anywhere so here goes:

    Why do you make movie-adaptions out of videogames?

    Is it because you share an interest in videogames and would like to see them "realised" as a movie?

    Do you think you're make videogamers a favor by adapting them, and therefore might find a vital income source?

    Or are you simply inspired by them?

    Videogames are like comic books or books ..good foundations for movies ..interesting ...and they have a fan base  ...so irs easier to market the movies

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:26
  3. Don't you feel "dirty"?

    Spørsmål fra Anders Lund:

    You have commented that you use a "loop-hole" in the German tax law when it comes to getting moneyfor your movies.
    As I understand it the goverment gives you back pretty much 100% of the cost.

    Don't you feel dirty that you must "cheat" to succeed in making movies?

    this is wrong and it shows how much bullshit is about me in the press. you could get 50% tax loss if you invested in a movie but even that is OVER since 2005.

    by the way: i think that i was able to get private investors in a country like germany where everybody else worked only with SUBSIDIES  (and this is 100% tax money).

    so why i should feel dirty ?   

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:29
  4. The only genius in the whole fucking business

    Spørsmål fra Lars Pedersen:

    Hi Uwe

    First and foremost I'll have to mention that I'm a huge fan of your work and hope that this "meet and greet" doesn't get spoiled by juvenile questions.

    I just recently watched one of your earlier movies, Amoklauf, and I must say that I'm really impressed. It's a great horror flick.
    But it seems that the users of IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) doesn't agree with me and my fellow reviewers (all the reviews are positive, varying from 7- to 8/10), as the movie is rated 1.7/10 and is positioned on the "Bottom 100"-list.

    And it's here my question originates; do you feel that you don't get the credit that you actually deserve, because the audience doesn't always give your movies a fair chance?
    I'm sure that all of the 605 (72.8% of the total number of) people that gave Amoflauf a 1/10, actually haven't seen the movie at all. It's just a freaking elitist internet mob that has set out to bring all your movies down into the mud.

    Another question: How is Stoic coming along? What seperates it from your earlier work (besides that it is not based on a video game)?

    And one last question: If you were to have a boxing match with an opponent of your choice, who would it be?

    Grüß Gott


    I have tons of people who HATE my movies without LOOKING the movies and this unfair assholes  judging every single of my movie down on IMDB.  
    No other directors has this problem.  I hope it will change 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:32
  5. Your favorite

    Spørsmål fra Jan E Paulsen:

    Hi Mr. Boll

    This is a two-parter

    Your "style" in itself can be considered original in the sense that it doesn't resemble anything else, but it's often considered crude or unpolished.
    I'm curious to know if you have some source of inspiration which you would credit your work to. A filmmaker or a film you feel has inspired, and driven you to where you are now.

    Also, "video game to film" has been digging a disreputable ditch for itself over the last decade, which you (and Paul W.S. Anderson) can be considered to be the main architects of, my question here is;
    Do you feel that video game inspired films have tendencies to be pre-judged?

    yes .-..they get prejudged  ...  
    this is the reason with SEED and now TUNNELRATS and STOIC I changed my style and subjects matters

    But in general I dont have a Uwe Boll style ...i like dry . hard, edgy ....  but i tell the story   ---straight and not with an uwe boll style
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:36
  6. petition to stop you?

    Spørsmål fra Alex:

    How do you feel about the fact that it is a petition out on the web that says: "petition to stop uwe boll from making movies" and has 200 000 signatures?

    there are also 5 PRO BOLL petitions
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:37
  7. Boxing challenge

    Spørsmål fra Andreas:

    How come you challenge reviewers to a boxing match if you don't like their reviews? Do you have a strong need of compensating for something, or is it because you know your movies aren't good, and you can't handle it in a normal, sane fasion?

    the boxing was in one in the lifetime event against 4 harsh critics
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:40
  8. Keep it up!!

    Spørsmål fra Anders Dal:

    Dispite all the negativ comments towards you, I just want to say: Keep it up! You can only get better!

    On that note, what tips can you give a "normal" guy like me on how to get into the movie buisness?
    I have a script I have been working on for a few years and would love to get someone to look at it....or maybe even get you to make it?

    Thank! Stay strong man! You are doing what you love, screw what other people say!

    you must try to work for a filmproduction company or on set....this is the only way to learn it
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:42
  9. Play games first?

    Spørsmål fra Tomas Kveig:

    Do you play and comlpete the games before you decide to make a movie out of them?

    What games are you playing at the momen?

    i play tiger woods golf  right now....dont worry i dont make a movie
    and yes i play the games 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:42
  10. Games

    Spørsmål fra Tommy:

    Hi Uwe.

    Why do you keep making movies based on videogames? Your movies aren't exactly a success? Never thought of making other movies? I mean not based on a game, but something you can figure out bu yourself. But I look forward to Far Cry as I am a huge fan of the videogame. But I'm a bit sceptic as well.

    FAR CRY is the movie i could stay closest to the game story - great jack carver character - great story 

    and on DVD my movies are everywhere big successes  ..and KING for example was number 1in 20 countries in the box office
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:45
  11. Games and Movies.

    Spørsmål fra BadSmile:

    You made your own game (1968 Tunnel Rats ), and then you are going to make a movie of it. Did you get tired to make movies of games made by others?

    Or is their games too good to make movie of, that you desided to make your own game less good, so you can easily make a movie of it?

    i made the movie Tunnelrats before we made the game ...
    check out the trailers and making of on YOUTUBE
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:46
  12. Just for the money?

    Spørsmål fra Alexander Larsen:

    How is it possible to always create sub-par movies out of really good background stories and pre-created characters with long histories? (Like Blood Rayne, a movie with a paperthin history, no character building and costumes/sets which looks like they are made by pre-school class)

    Are you in it (moviemaking) just because slapping together a direct-to-video "game movie", that does not live up to the story around the game and it's quality, is easy money?

    A lot of times you have in a game no story but a great hero...like in BLOODRAYNE  ... Iloved her look. that she needs sex and blood to survive etc...so i made a story up
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:47
  13. House of The Dead

    Spørsmål fra Knut Olav:

    Can you tell about the creative writing process with the movie House of The Dead? Do you think you treated the game with respect and got a good result?

    i made a splatter movie based on a splatter game ...i made now a funny directors cut of it and im way more happy with this 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:49
  14. Do you?

    Spørsmål fra AIvio:

    Do you think of yourself as successful?

    i make what  i want to  do.  this is a success. 
    financially not all my movies recouped all the money ..but they recoup over average
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:54
  15. The Fun Of It?

    Spørsmål fra Even Lilleskog:

    Although your movies haven't had financial or critical sucesses, is it the fun of making movies that keeps you going?

    sometimes its hard to handle the stress  ...but my movies are more successfull as 80% of the produced movies ..because i produce them also and i do direct deals with 80 countries  ...there is no third party in between 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:55
  16. Wolfenstein?

    Spørsmål fra Jan-Erik:


    I must admit; I loved "House of the Dead". Continuing.

    You've mocked a lot of people, movements, etc. during the past years. Still, something is missing. The good old Nazi-Germany. How about a delicious mix of Wolfenstein and Dr. Adolf?

    Keep on filming!

    bloodrayne 3 will be nazi germany
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:56
  17. game to movie adaption

    Spørsmål fra Henrik:

    Which of the game to movie adaptions out there would you consider your favourite, except from any one of your own movies?

    silent hill
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:56
  18. Baldur's Gate

    Spørsmål fra Lars E:

    What about Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. Have you ever considered making a movie based on the Dungeons & Dragon computer games? Or are they just too old now?

    i got the offer to baldurs gate  but i made DUNGEON SIEGE ...
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:57
  19. Favourite director?

    Spørsmål fra Marius:

    Who is your favourite director and why?

    orson welles  ..a great human being, a genius 
    scorses  ---  he made  3 of my top 10 movies
    john ford - because he loved shooting and made great movies and crap  ---just like i    
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 19:59
  20. Synchronisation

    Spørsmål fra Jonathan von Eimsbusch:

    Werter Herr Boll

    Nehmen Sie selber am Synchronisationsprozess Ihrer Filme ins Deutsche teil?
    Und was denken Sie eigentlich über Synchronisation, zerstört sie den originalen Kunstausdrück?

    i lese das synchronbuch  ..bin aber nicht bei synchro dabei
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:00
  21. Critisism

    Spørsmål fra Fredrik Gaardsbruk:

    You have got a lot of critisism for your movies, do you agree with some of them?

    absolutly and i learned also from the critic
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:01
  22. Money

    Spørsmål fra Derp Derp:

    How much money have you made in your entire career as a movie producer/director?

    not enough 
    i take only 120.000 euro per film ..because i want to be in the same seat as my investors
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:03
  23. Haters

    Spørsmål fra Steffen G. D:

    Alot of people around the world strongly dislike you, and you films. Especially the gamers, whom dearest games has been "screwed over".

    Where do you find the inspiration to keep on making films, after all the bad critics and hatridge you recieve?

    i think that a lot of gamefans are not seeing their games unrealistic  ...there is often no story and their game and if i make a movie i have to make it in a way that also the non gamers understand the movie

    im not a pussy - i can take and get thru pressure.
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:06
  24. Favourite movie and director

    Spørsmål fra Tore Størvold:

    What is your favorite movie and director?

    apocalypse now
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:06
  25. Postal and censorship

    Spørsmål fra Kadaju:

    I must confess, I have just bought Postal and Blu-ray and me and my friends laughed our a**es off! So kudos on making a really good OTT action-comedy :) On to the question: Were you ever afraid of getting censored by the MPAA? And how much was added/changed in the unrated edition compared to the one shown in theatres?

    we got an R RATING in usa to my big surprise

    almost nothing had to get changed
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:07
  26. Alternative games - considering that too?

    Spørsmål fra Vegard Ottervig:

    Dear mr. Boll

    You like making movies out of shoot'em ups and adventure games, but what if we consider some other genres as well?

    I was thinking "Rome: Total War", a real time strategy/turn-based strategy game. Do you know this game? If you were to make av movie out of it, how would it be?

    Would we see the Grand Campaign map and epic battles? Diplomatic relations and family trees. Endless possibilities.

    with IN THE NAME OF THE KING i did an epic
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:08
  27. Dream?

    Spørsmål fra Tom:

    Was making movies allways your dream and goal?

    I am curious to what other jobs you have had until you started working with film. Could you tell us some of them?

    since i was 10 i want to make movies

    i was  working at BAYER LEVERKUSEN  and as an AMBULANCE DRIVER  
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:10
  28. Best movie?

    Spørsmål fra Aleksander Mørch:

    Hello, Uwe!

    I haven't seen any of your movies, but I have heard things about them... So, what do you consider to be your best movie?

    postal and tunnelrats
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:10
  29. Best actor

    Spørsmål fra Kristine Olsen:

    Who's the best actor you have worked with?

    hard to answer 

    ben kingsley was good...i loved jason statham and ron perlman but also  michael pare and edward furlong
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:11
  30. Hate video games?

    Spørsmål fra Undrende:

    In the movie Postal, you state that you hate video games. Is that true?

    If not, what is your fauvorite video game? And would you like to make a movie based on that game?

    in postal i made a joke 

    i love hitman and silent hill
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:12
  31. Inspiration

    Spørsmål fra Mikkel Rev:

    Which trends or single works in, let's say literature and movies have inspired you mostly. Why?

    i love thomas bernhard as a writer , also nietzsche and schopenhauer

    im very cynical 

     in the end we are all dirt

    there is no god - we cannot shift responsibilty away to god or higher ups...you are responsible for this whats going on on earth
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:17
  32. Inspired by Suzuki?

    Spørsmål fra A kiddo:

    Hello. I've only seen Alone in the Dark of the films you've made, but I enjoyed it somewhat in its unabashed frivolity... Are you in any way inspired by Suzuki?

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:18
  33. Critics

    Spørsmål fra Fritz:

    Are you good at boxing? Have any critics ever beaten you in the ring? Do you take out all you're anger at them?

    the boxing was only 1 time ...i boxed 13 years where i was younger and never lost a fight 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:18
  34. You are a god amongst men!

    Spørsmål fra Jon:

    Mr.Boll, I really enjoy your movies and im looking forward to try the game tunnel rats.
    What kind of graphics engine are you planning to use? It might be a longshot to hope for but if you could use the crytek engine og Unreal engine the game would apply to the graphic fanatics as well as those of us that just likes the game for what it is.
    Also, what kind of new movies are you planning to make? Im crossing my fingers for baldurs gate or wolfenstein :)

    reply used the vietcong engine ..the game is done
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:19
  35. Future

    Spørsmål fra Ken:

    What plans do you have for the future? Why did you decide to do just game movies? When there are so many unseen scripts out there

    i made STOIC a movie about a real crime happened in a prison and i will do JANJAWEED  next year about the genocide in Sudan
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:20
  36. 1 million?

    Spørsmål fra OtoTheB:

    what happened to the whole deal with the signatures on the internet?

    People were signing to make you stop making movies.

    And there was some clip on youtube with you saying that you would quit if they got over 1 million signatures?

    Is this true, and how many signatures were there, I heard they got 1,3 million?

    I agree with you on one point, mr.Bay suck.

    there are only 230.000 signatures  ...and i have also pro boll petitions going
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:21
  37. People tend to give you critic

    Spørsmål fra Kenny Bones:

    I've never ever seen any of your movies or anything, and it may be that people give you criticism based on what other people think right? So it would be some popular thing. But I've got another idea, you can't be an asshole in todays Hollywood. You need to be humble and nice and don't puch anyone who thinks you're a dumbass. It just makes you look like a bigger dumbass. Just sayin' ...

    i have nothing to do with that hollywood psychopaths?  you think tarantino  or   travolta  are healthy normal people ??

    this guys there ..all the agents , managers etc. living in expensive airballoons and have no connections to the normal world
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:23
  38. Impossible to adapt?

    Spørsmål fra athorb:

    Are there any games you would say are completely impossible to adapt to film? Or do you just see it as a challenge?

    You have made yourself a name making video game-adaptions. How's about surprising everyone and adapt a board game? After all, they're making a Monopoly-movie. If you made a Ludo-movie, I would gladly pay to see it. You've sold one ticket already, Mr. Boll.

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:24
  39. Warcraft

    Spørsmål fra Magnus:

    Hi, are you planning on making a film about warcraft? If not, what can we expect from you in the future?

    i dont get the warcraft rights
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:24
  40. Which movie do you recommend?

    Spørsmål fra Mathias:

    I haven't seen any of your movies, which do you think I should watch first?

    postal  or HEART OF AMERICA
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:25
  41. Favourite movie?

    Spørsmål fra Jenssen:

    According to you, which one of your films is the best? Which one is your favourite? Which one is your least favourite?

    .... And the reasons?

    heart of america, seed , postal, tunnelrats , in the name of the king are my best movies

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:28
  42. New movie

    Spørsmål fra Sprutemus:

    are you currently working on a movie?

    or any other project?

    if so, what?

    i will shoot RAMPAGE next  ..a very edgy action movie
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:29
  43. Go Uwe Go Uwe

    Spørsmål fra Duppsko:

    You are the king!
    Most people only say your movies are crap because its become a "funny" thing to do on the internet it even tho they haven't seen all ure movies. Those who give your movies bad score on imdb without having seen them are stupid. Btw, ure gonna make Metal Gear Solid? Heard some rumours :)

    i didnt got MGS  rights
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:30
  44. Have you ever considered...

    Spørsmål fra Jan:

    Have you ever considered going the other way? Creating games I mean. Not necessarily based on movies, but hey, if you make a game within your own company you could make the movie later :)

    I haven't looked at the numbers personally but I hear there's more money in games than movies.

    Best of wishes for the future!

    i did it now with tunnelrats 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:31
  45. Reaction

    Spørsmål fra Sindre :

    Many people says that your movies are bad, how do you as a moviemaker respond to these comments ?

    look and then judge  ..i made very different moves
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:32
  46. Fair reviews?

    Spørsmål fra Kaj:

    The movie critics are often negative to your work and it sometimes seems that they have made up their minds beforehand not to like your movies.

    Do you think your next movie will get a fair judgement, or do you think the critics already have decided on giving it bad reviews?

    a lot are against me ...no matter what i do
    but history will tell another story   
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:35
  47. You Rock

    Spørsmål fra Erik Larsen:

    Big fan, not of your work to be honest, but of your determination to not let anyone get you down.

    Having just watched Postal I got to say that the ending was great, the music matched the pictures perfectly, loved your choice of music :-)

    What is the reason that shit like "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" make more money than Postal? I know about the screens, but quality should count, shouldn't it...?

    Any plans of making a Tetris movie?

    Keep on doing what you are doing man, stay strong!!!

    Any chance I can get your autograph? ;-)

    i love  postal   also and dont get it why its not a bigger success
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:40
  48. Favourite movies?

    Spørsmål fra Jan-Erik:

    Question in title.

    What's your top 5-10 movies made by others? And will your titles show up on Blu-Ray?

    If so, nag on bonus materials.

    i think postal and KINg and bloodrayne are on blue ray
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:42
  49. Financing

    Spørsmål fra Ole Karsten Pettersen:

    I'm mildly curious, but are your financements in any way connected to nazi gold? I don't have anything against your movies, they're OK I guess, just found the rumour interesting...

    no nazi gold

    but if i would have it ..i would made movies with it   
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:43
  50. Loophole

    Spørsmål fra Helge N:

    Rumour has it that one of the reason you managed to produce your older movies was that in the german tax system, there is a "loophole" that allows investors to write off money they have invested in movies. Furthermore, other as of yet unconfirmed rumours says that this particular "Loophole" has been closed by the German government. How do you manage to raise the money you need to make your movies nowadays?

    I enjoy your movies, but I know that many other doesn't. Have you ever considered leaving the writing and the directors chair to other people, and concentrate on Producing movies instead?

    now we make the movies with presales and loans
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:44
  51. Game adaptions in the future

    Spørsmål fra Helge N:

    Can you unveil, exclusively for this page, some of your future game adaptions? Games you have gotten the rights to, but are still in the process of writing? How far are you into your "Far Cry" adaptation?

    far cry is done and just got released with FOX in germany
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:45
  52. Comic adaptions

    Spørsmål fra Helge N:

    Considering the recent popularity of comic property, have you considered adapting graphic novels like Preacher into movies, or do you prefer to focus on game adaptions?

    comic rights are hard to get  ..a focus on games
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:46
  53. Comedy movie?

    Spørsmål fra Kato:

    Just want to give you credit for bringing a lot of great visions to the silver screen. Hope you'll make lots more.

    Btw, ever planned on making a comedy?

    postal is a comedy
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:48
  54. About your movies

    Spørsmål fra Are Steinbrenner:

    Hello Uwe.

    I've been wondering about something concering the movies you have made, with the stories and concepts of video games.

    When did you first decide that you wanted to make movies of video games ?

    Second, how do you feel about the reveiws of those movies. Like Bloodrayne for example ? absolutly no offence intended.

    i got HOUSE OF THE DEAD  from mindfire and sega and finally it made money  ..so i started looking in videogames i liked

    i think BLOODRAYNE is better as  VAN HELSING..more blood , sex and gore
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:49
  55. Differences between games and movie counterparts

    Spørsmål fra Ove Nilsen:

    After having watched a few of your movies, one question that have been buggering me is the following:

    The games themselves and their movie counterparts seem in most cases to differ a lot. For instance, Alone in the Dark were reduced from a Lovecraft-inspired Gothic horror-adventure game into a run of the mill monster movie. Is this something you have done in order to get your vision through, or is it simply because that is cheaper this way?

    we were planning with ATARI to make e new story with ALONE 5 the game and the movie together...but ATARI failed to finish the game...now we made the film  ALONE 2 is based on ALONE 5 the game ..horror in the central park
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:51
  56. Ed Wood

    Spørsmål fra Peter Hansen:

    Today Ed Wood is considered the master of "movies (un)intentionally so bad that they are good in a sick way". Would you agree that it's correct to see your movies in this vein? In other words, do you consider yourself the heir of Ed Wood (crossdressing apart, of course)?

    ed wood fullfilled his dreamswith almost no money...i love him  ..but my movies are way bigger and way more expensive ...so its unfair for ed wood to compair
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:52
  57. Apples

    Spørsmål fra Buzz Aldrin:

    This might not seem like it at first, but this is a completely serious question: My opinion is that the colour of apples people prefer define their personalities, and because I like to understand artists I'm curious to know which Mr. Uwe Boll prefers. Yellow, green or red apples?

    Thank you!

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:53
  58. Praise

    Spørsmål fra Paul Austen:

    I've watched all of your movies and enjoyed them thouroughly with one single exeption: Postal. Seriously. What were you thinking? All the other movies kind of had this distinctive atmosphere, this feel, this I don't really know how to describe it but whenever I before watched a Boll movie I used to think about it for days afterwards - I used to love them, but Postal? Garbage. Why have you given up? Why have you become just like those other silly directors already out there making mediocre, stupid movies? Boll! Please go back to making movies like you used to do before - they were so great! It's truly a shame most people are having problems grasping it, but don't sham - they will one day. Whilst Bay and Spielberg are forgotten, you will be the one remembered.

    Long live, Boll!

    i know that some of my fans are dissturbed by postal ..but also some of my enemies love postal....  i had to do the movie ...the politics around the world are so fucked up...
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:54
  59. Other movies than games

    Spørsmål fra Loiker:

    Do you have any plans to make other movies?Or will you keep adapting video games?

    i will mix it up
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:55
  60. The greatest

    Spørsmål fra Kaiern:

    Who - apart from yourself, of course - do you consider the greatest movie director?

    Who do you consider the greatest living actor?

    spielberg made great and shitty movies ...so did oliver stone ...

    i love tom hanks,,,

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:56
  61. Hurt?

    Spørsmål fra Dagon:

    I watch every movie based on a videogame because I find interesting to watch how they try to adapt games into films. I have noticed that your movies get allot of abuse, online and offline. Often the reviews and critics get very personal and nasty. I must admit, I don't like your films (have not seen Postal or In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale yet) but the ones I have watch don't suck that bad as Ed Wood (you often get compaired with him) or many other b-films out there. But I am kinda astonished how much bad press you get, so I wonder if you take it personal, all the critics and reviews? I personally would have been a broken man and started a new life. What is that drives you Uwe? Why do you put up with all the shit you have to take for each movie you make? Even if I don't like your movies I hope keep on making em, cause, God knows, diversity is something the movie business needs.

    thanks for the support.   if you get hit in the face like me constantly  ..you get used to it  
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:58
  62. Learn from you mistakes?

    Spørsmål fra Postal Dude Fanboy:


    First of all I must admit Postal wasn't so bad, I laughed a lot when I almost only the kids got shot in one of the scenes. I haven't seen any other of your films, but they all said to be pretty bad.

    So I wonder why, after so many films, you don't learn from your mistakes? Why don't you listen to the critics, and one by one make better movies?

    And are you going to continue making movies? I once red you were quitting, cause of low revenue from your movies.

    i made in the last 3 years very good movies  with postal, seed, tunnelrats etc.
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 20:59
  63. Uwe "Awesome" Boll

    Spørsmål fra Thomas Jørgensen:

    Hello fellow film maker Uwe Boll!! :D

    do you play a lot of games yourself?
    have you ever considered making a movie based on pacman or tetris?

    why not asteroid    ..the only game i was every addcited to
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:00
  64. Best movie

    Spørsmål fra Heinrich:

    What is you're favourite selfcreated movie?
    And what is you're favourite movie?

    tunnelrats and seed
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:00
  65. German cinema

    Spørsmål fra Adam Berwald:

    Who is your favorite German director and why?

    What is your favourite German movie and why?

    What is your opinion of the work of Fassbinder (in particular Berlin Alexanderplatz)?

    bernhard wicki  made with DIE BRÜCKE und SPINNENNETZ masterpieces  

    in general  im not the biggest fan of german films ..but of course there were good ones  ...like   BLECHTROMMEL   or  FITZCARRALDO

    Fassbinder was very intense  but overrated
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:03
  66. Just wondering...

    Spørsmål fra A big fan:

    I heard Blizzard refused to let you direct the upcoming World of Warcraft movie, despite the fact that you were more than willing to do so.

    What is your stance on this? And, perhaps more importantly, do you sincerely believe you are the right man for the job?
    If so, please elaborate.

    Thanks for answering my question.

    blizzard made a grear game ...but there are also arrogant
    they dont even looked IN THE NAME OF THE KING  ..they only read in the internet about me
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:04
  67. How?

    Spørsmål fra Mr Lee:

    How on earth do you manage to attract big names like Michael madsen, Ben kingsley, Jason Statham and more to your movies? They must know what they are signing on to, right?

    most of the actors dont care about the internet or reviews  ..they saw my movies and liked them
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:06
  68. Blood Rayne Blood Effects.

    Spørsmål fra Viktor Basso:


    In Blood Rayne there were some blood effects that was quite fascinating.
    On some ocations the blood came from "above" and from the "sides", not from the person himself.
    How do you explain that?

    PS: Your movies are awsome.

    olaf ittenbach   did the blood effects  and we want them over the top in bloodrayne
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:07
  69. Postal in Norway

    Spørsmål fra Aleks Vass:

    Why havent the postal movie been showed in Norway yet?

    we have now with  josh nordstrom  working for me our own  film distribution in skandinavia EVENTITY FILMS  ...our first 2 releases will be SEED and BLOODRAYNE 2
    we will release POSTAL soon

    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:09
  70. Norway?

    Spørsmål fra Expen:

    would you consider making a movie in norway? we have lots of weird locations you can use.. :)

    its a money decsion...in canada i get subsidies 
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:10
  71. Original movie?

    Spørsmål fra Tom:

    You have a great taste for humor, do you have any plans to make an "original" movie written by yourself instead of taking stories from already created material like games etc?

    I for one would love it. I can picture you making something like "Hot Fuzz".

    i loved HOT FUZZ...and i think with POSTAL i did a very funny movie  ..and i wrote it 

    i have to go to a meeting now..i thank you all for the chat and your support. it is not easy to make independent movies on a bigger scale and i hope you give my movies always a chance and i know that the movies are now far better as  HOUSE OF THe DEAD....

    uwe boll


    by the way my company is in the stock market  in frankfurt ..you can buy a stock of BOLL AG for 13 euro there and invest in my movies
    Besvart: 3. okt. 2008 21:14

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