TracePlus®/Ethernet 2.95.000

Hva er nytt?

- Added the Bandwidth by Node graph to the Network Statistics View. This shows you the percentage of bandwidth used by a specific network address (AppleTalk, IP, IPX, or MAC).
- The Statistics View can be copied to the Clipboard as tab-separated ASCII.
- The Size Distribution graph can be copied to the Clipboard as a bitmap.
- The Activity View (Capture window) can be copied to the Clipboard as a bitmap.
- A \"Select All\" feature has been added to the Protocol View, Node View, Conversations View, Network Names View - Packets View, Data View, IP Headers View, and TCP Headers View.
- Packet files saved in TracePlus format (version 2.93.000) could not be read back in due to incorrect version number in file header.
- An error in parsing ASN.1 values (SNMP and SNMP Traps) may cause TracePlus to crash when capturing SNMP packets.
- An incorrect length calculation when parsing captured TFTP packets may cause TracePlus to hang.
- The packet selection method in the Packets View (Capture window) has been substantially changed.
- SNMP messages were not being reported in the History View. - Modifying an existing Capture filter, then saving it under a new name and pressing Ok to start a capture would pop up a dialog box stating that the filter has not been saved.
- The Ethernet vendor code list (VENDOR.INI) has been substantially updated.

TracePlus®/Ethernet 2.95.000
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