SpamPal v1.51 beta released

The program checks the mail and for every spam related thing it notises, it gives the mail a point. And then you can configure your mail client to not recive mails that got more than for example 5 points. This is a well known and well used method of stopping spam mails from ever getting to your inbox.

"Recent DNSBL queries" area of status window now includes the average time -SpamPal had to wait for a response from each DNSBL

Can now suggest a replacement DNSBL service if one of the existing ones goes bye-bye

Made change to allow use by AVM-KEM users: / can be used to separate SpamPal's username & servername as well as @ and %

Now sends username when USER command received (not waiting until PASS received) so long as Attempt APOP is not enabled

Now doesn't allow open relay exploits in RCPT TO: lines

Logfile will now be trimmed automatically to a user-specified size

Now extracts I.P. addresses from Received: lines even if they're prefixed with a @

Now reports slightly more detail about crashes

Now warns user if HtmlTagger v0.1 is enabled, and disables it automatically

Download it here

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