Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F88 likevel til Norge

F88 har et meget spesielt design, grunnet det roterende objektivet som gjør det lett å ta bilder av seg selv.

Flere bilder i prisguiden

Mens den gamle F77 ikke hadde optisk zoom, har F88 fått en 3x optisk zoom produsert av Carl Zeiss. F77 har ikke slått særlig godt an i Norge, men med optisk zoom blir kameraet langt mer aktuelt for folk flest.

Flere detaljer finnes i den amerikanske pressemeldingen under.


New Sony Cyber-Shot camera inspires innovative picture-taking

300-Degree Lens Rotation Allows You Flexible Shooting Style

SAN DIEGO, May 17, 2004 — Sony, the market leader in consumer digital cameras, has blended the fun of a rotating lens with the speed and clarity of a five-megapixel Cyber-shot® digital still camera in the new DSC-F88 model.

The F88 camera’s compact, all-metal body is fitted with an internal Carl Zeiss® Vario Tessar® 3X optical zoom lens that allows it to rotate 300 degrees, so you can see your pose in the camera’s 1.8-inch LCD screen before snapping the picture, providing you with a flexible shooting style.

There are several interesting flexible angles you can capture with the F88 camera’s rotating lens including waist level and above-the-head shots. Its ability to rotate makes the camera perfect for hard-to-obtain low angle candid shots and for taking above-the-head close-up shots during crowded events.

Creative shots can also be captured with the camera’s self-timer feature. Set the camera on table, angle the lens as needed and trigger the self-timer for steady, professional self-portraits.

Another feature of the F88 is the camera’s optical eye level viewfinder that, when the lens is rotated, allows you to focus in on your subjects while they view the LCD and adjust their pose assuring they will be happy with their picture.

“How many times have you seen someone turn their camera around and snap a self-portrait or have their subject demand to see the results?” said Greg Young, general manager for Sony Electronics’ digital camera unit. “We know that consumers like to use their digital cameras in new and interesting ways, so we took special care to create a Cyber-shot camera that adapts to special situations that call for flexible shooting angles.”

The camera’s 5.1 megapixel CCD image sensor ensures great picture quality while the camera’s Sony Real Imaging Processor™ makes it blazingly fast with a near immediate start-up and very fast shot-to-shot time so you can capture memories as they happen.

The F88 employs a rechargeable InfoLithium® battery system for quick recharging time, which means that you will spend less time charging and more time taking pictures. The new camera also accepts both the Memory Stick® and Memory Stick PRO™ memory cards.

Priced at about $450, the DSC-F88 digital camera will be available online at and at retailers nationwide in July.

Meet the Cyber-shot DSC-F88 Camera’s Best Friends

There are also a couple of optional accessories that will add to your fun including:
Wide Angle Lens (VCL-07FEB): With this wide lens conversion (available in July for about $60) consumers can expand their camera’s field of view, helping to capture an entire scene. It’s especially helpful in self-portrait circumstances while holding the camera an arm’s length away.
Cyber-shot Station (CSS-FEB): The Cyber-shot Station accommodates the DSC-F88 camera (available in July for about $80), making it easy to transfer images to your PC while recharging the unit’s battery.

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