Readers and the recording industry

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Open letter to Indies and Majors

Below is a synopsis of my feelings toward getting artists motivated in this movement. We need their support as much as they need ours, which just happens to leave the RIAA out of the equation. We need to know where they stand - either with us or against us!

I'm sending this open letter to as many musicians as possible. It’s time the artists get off the fence and make a statement as to where they stand, Indies as well as the major labels).

Open Letter to All Musicians

Submitted by wiley69

I'm writing this letter to each and every musician and band members (both past and present) who I have grown up with, and influenced my life.

You don’t know me, but I know you, you were my best friend, my mentor, my lover and my role model. Ever since I was able to comprehend and try to reason this ever-complicated world we live in, you were there to guide me.

We first met in my impressionable teen years, first guiding me (however clumsily) thru puberty, and then later helping to shape the very fabric of my soul.

During the turbulent 60’s and 70’s, you brought my social awareness to new levels, and together we set out to change the world; ending social injustice, the Viet Nam war, and bringing the power of the people back to the people.

As time went on, we raised my children, and my grandchildren, you were always with me, giving me advice and guidance to all those so difficult and thought provoking questions that only a child can answer.

However, today I find that the support and guidance you have given me throughout my life is noticeably absent; a huge industry, more precisely your industry has embarked on a campaign of intimidation of the very customer base that supports you!

Now, you spoke of social injustice and equality; a multi million-dollar industry, which threatens and extorts food, rent, and retirement funds from children, single parents, and senior citizens sounds like a social injustice to me. Why, then, are you now so silent? Your silence screams volumes, all of my life I felt that all of your music meant something, ideals, beliefs, and dreams! But now, I feel as that you were just using me all these years, your music meant nothing more than a meal ticket for you, at my expense, both financially and mentally.

You see, all these years, I believed in you, and what you stood for, all the music which inspired me and shaped me, I suddenly find means nothing, your actions, or lack of them shows your true colors; GREEN!

Kilde: >< BR>
Recording industry

should be boycotted

Editor -- Just another commentary on why I no longer buy music. I will not put money into the coffers of the RIAA. The organization is bloated and the product is overpriced. I see no reason to help the industry's bottom line in any way.

I do listen to enough radio to know why I won't buy all that garbage.

I also refrain from downloading music, as I don't feel like getting caught in the gears of that particular grinder.

It's not all that difficult not buying CDs. Most of the new stuff these days really is pretty bad. Not getting it is a small sacrifice.

I hope their sales continue to be poor. I wish the RIAA no good at all.


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