PySoulSeek 1.2.3

Hva er nytt?
- Pyslsk will ping the server every 30 seconds (rewrote it to be gui-independent).
- Search history (remembers 10 last searches).
- Log window is now collapsable (state is remembered between sessions), rewrote it to look prettier than hyriand's version.
- Resizable panels aren\'t deleted anymore when made really small.
- Userinfo and browse tabs show user status.
- /clear /c will clear a chat screen.
- Version in the window title.
- The default "queue if" limit is now 10 kb/s to avoid "how do I limit the number of uploads" questions.
- Errors when decompressing filelists and search results no longer cause a crash.
- If locking a file is not possible, a download will continue anyway with a warning.

PySoulSeek 1.2.3
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