Olympus Camedia C-765 Ultra Zoom

Den nye C-765 Ultra Zoom er ganske lik den nylig lanserte C-760, men har fysisk større bildebrikke med høyere oppløsning. Den større størrelsen gjør at zoom-området blir mer fornuftig; 38-380 mm mot 42-420 mm på C-760.

C-765 har også en LCD-skjerm med ørlite høyere oppløsning (114 000 mot 110 000), og en raskere seriebildemodus (2.7 bilder i sekundet mot 1.4). Videre har videomodusen fått 30 bilder i sekundet, men fortsatt bare 320x240 piksler oppløsning.

En sammenlikning av C-725, C-765 og C-770 finnes her.
En sammenlikning av C-750, C-760 og C-765 finnes her.

Ytterligere opplysninger finnes i pressemeldingen under og spesifikasjonene på neste side.


Get a front-row view with the world's smallest 10x zoom cameras*

The Olympus CAMEDIA C-765 / C-760 Ultra Zoom.

Las Vegas, 12 February 2004 – Why be content with remaining on the sidelines? Bring the action right up in front of you with extraordinary clarity. Designed for sporting events, travel, nature hikes or any occasion when a more detailed view is important, the new CAMEDIA C-765 and C-760 Ultra Zoom models are the smallest digital cameras in the world featuring an optical 10x zoom*. Thanks to their light weight and easy handling, these cameras give you the flexibility needed to capture the spontaneous details of distant subjects, such as the moment in which the goalkeeper jumps to block a shot. Then, simply zoom out again to take in a broader context – the cheering fans, for example. Using the cameras’ movie recording function with sound, you can really capture the crowd’s enthusiasm. But these 4.0 and 3.2 million pixel models, respectively, are equally practical for shooting subjects in extreme close-up, as the Super Macro mode lets you shoot from just 3cm away. Outstanding results are guaranteed both through the first class optical system and an optimised image processor, TruePic Turbo, which boosts both image quality and the image processing capabilities even further.

If you are looking for a 10x zoom, why not come to the founder of the Ultra Zoom range? Thanks to its longstanding experience, you may rely on Olympus for a lens that offers superior performance. The very bright (f2.8 – 3.7), high quality optical system of both the C-765 and the C-760 Ultra Zoom models comprises eleven elements arranged in seven groups and includes two aspherical lenses to reduce distortion plus an ED element. The latter is normally only found in pro-level SLR cameras and significantly helps reduce chromatic aberration.

These models are not only perfect for distant objects, but also let you shoot from just 3cm away to create fascinating macro photos. Great quality prints are assured – even in sizes up to A4. This is achieved by pixel counts of 4 and 3.2 million pixels, respectively, as well as the improved image processor TruePic Turbo, which perfects photographic quality in terms of sharpness, contrast and colour brilliancy.

The optimised electronic viewfinder allows – unlike many optical viewfinders – precise framing of the shot, and the resolution of 240,000 pixels means you enjoy a clear picture. Furthermore, so you don’t have to take your eye from the subject when shooting, all activated settings are displayed in the electronic viewfinder.

The new Ultra Zoom models are versatile enough to match any user’s comfort level. In auto mode, they offer point-and-shoot simplicity for flawless picture taking. For those times when creative expression is desired, the aperture priority, shutter priority or full manual settings allow greater control.

But these are more than just still image digital cameras. The movie mode enables you to capture video with sound. For instance, you can record the winning goal being scored, accompanied by the jubilation of the crowd. And the USB 2.0 AutoConnect interface ensures file transfer to the computer is now even quicker.

For newcomers as well as ambitious amateurs alike, the Olympus CAMEDIA C-765 and C-760 Ultra Zoom models give the power of 10x zoom at a reasonable price. The cameras, which weigh just 280 grams, have the smallest and lightest 10x Ultra Zoom body in this segment*. Offering excellent image quality and a broad range of advanced features, they combine versatility and ease of use in one sleek package. The new Olympus Ultra Zooms will be available from February 2004 (C-760 Ultra Zoom) and May 2004 (C-765 Ultra Zoom).

The CAMEDIA C-765 / C-760 Ultra Zoom – main features:

• 4.0 and 3.2 million pixels, respectively
• 10x optical zoom, f2.8 – 3.7 (equiv. 38 – 380mm [C-765 Ultra Zoom] or 42 – 420mm [C-760 Ultra Zoom] on 35mm camera)
• TruePic Turbo image processor
• Program, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Full Manual modes
• 4 scene programs (Portrait, Sports, Night Scene, Landscape)
• Super macro mode: shooting from as close as 3cm
• Movie recording function with sound
• 240,000 pixel electronic viewfinder
• 1.8 inch LCD monitor with 110,000 pixels
• PictBridge compatible
• USB 2.0 (AutoConnect)
• CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software provided

* as of January 2004

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