Olympus Camedia C-360 og 460 ZOOM

En side-ved-side oversikt med C-350 og C-360 finnes her.


Brilliant images at an amazing price

The Olympus CAMEDIA C-460ZOOM and C-360ZOOM.

Las Vegas, 12 February 2004 – Do you want to make sure you buy a camera that offers incredible price-performance? Then you should certainly take a closer look at the CAMEDIA C-460ZOOM and CAMEDIA C-360ZOOM from Olympus. These compact zoom models feature four and three million pixel resolutions respectively, as well as an optimised image processing system and 3x zoom for stunning photos. This not only delivers quicker image processing – ideal for snapshots – but also even sharper, contrast-rich results plus more brilliant colour. See the difference for yourself by comparing these cameras’ prints in A4 format with those of similar resolution models. In addition to easy handling, the C-460ZOOM and C-360ZOOM stand out with a range of convenient features, such as Super Macro mode which permits shooting from just 7cm away, and a movie recording function with sound.

Whatever your particular locations, conditions or subjects may be, five special scene programmes make sure you master every photographic situation. For example, the landscape setting is often handy when on holiday. And for capturing the beauty and atmosphere of the bay after sundown, simply switch to night scene. Even the tiniest details, such as the intricate pattern of a shell on the beach, can be recorded in Super Macro mode, which lets you shoot from just 7cm away.

There are times, however, when a static image just can’t convey the magic of the moment like video. For instance, that one-off moment on the summer holiday when dolphins came to play alongside the boat. Don’t worry, both the C-460ZOOM and the C-360ZOOM can record the spectacle in a video sequence with sound.

Digital technology of course makes it much easier to share these special moments. The image and video files may be effortlessly downloaded to the computer and emailed to friends and relatives anywhere in the world. Printing is child’s play too. Since both cameras support the PictBridge communication standard, you don't even need a PC for printing. Just connect the camera to the PictBridge compatible printer CAMEDIA P-10. This produces laminated prints that really impress with their stunning photo-realism. Alternatively, you just need to take the xD-Picture Card containing the data out of the camera and bring it to your photo dealer. The store will be able to provide you with first-class prints in no time at all.

The CAMEDIA C-360ZOOM is also compatible with the Olympus Software Development Kit (SDK). This lets you control all the camera’s functions from a computer, such as zoom, exposure and camera release.

The C-460ZOOM and C-360ZOOM deliver ease of use, an attractive, compact design and high quality photos you’ll really want to keep – all at a truly modest price. March 2004 sees the release of these new additions to the CAMEDIA range.

The CAMEDIA C-460ZOOM / CAMEDIA C-360ZOOM – main features:
• 4.0 and 3.0 million pixels, respectively
• 3x optical zoom (equivalent to 35-105mm on a 35mm camera),
• Super Macro mode: shooting from as close as 7cm
• 5 scene programmes (Portrait, Self Portrait, Night Scene, Landscape, Landscape with Portrait)
• Movie recording function with sound and editing function
• PictBridge support
• 1.8” LCD with multi-language menu
• CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software provided
• C-360ZOOM: SDK compatible

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