Olympus annonserer Camedia C-310ZOOM

Vi er litt overrasket over at Olympus velger å lage et kamera som er såpass likt Camedia C-360. Bare noen mindre detaljer skiller, bla. muligheten til å ta opp video med lyd. Mer informasjon finnes i pressemeldingen under og i spesifikasjonene på neste side.

En sammenlikning mellom C-310 og C-360 finnes her.


Fun and flexible

The Olympus C-310ZOOM.

Las Vegas, 12 February 2004 – Taking your first steps into the world of digital zoom technology? The 3.2 million pixel Olympus C-310ZOOM brings a purist, functional design, easy handling, a bright, 3x optical zoom lens and sophisticated image processing system – at an extremely reasonable price tag. This is the perfect model for young people and those with a youthful outlook who want to investigate the possibilities that digital photography has to offer, such as sharing photos with friends on internet homepages. But even experienced users can take advantage of this all-around camera. An ideal second camera for quick shots, it features a movie recording function for fun experimentation. And for a different look at the world, the Super Macro mode enables stunning detail shots from as close as 2cm away.

The C-310ZOOM incorporates a number of features that make picture taking easy and fast. Five special scene programmes are on hand, so that you can capture images in a wide variety of locations and conditions. For instance, use the landscape setting for sweeping shots from your hotel window, or the portrait mode for striking impressions of your friends. Sometimes, however, just a single small detail is particularly worth documenting. No problem for the C-310ZOOM. Simply switch to Super Macro mode, which lets you shoot from an incredibly close 2cm. And since this model supports the PictBridge standard, you don’t even need a PC to print your favourite shots on a PictBridge-compatible printer, such as the CAMEDIA P-10. This produces laminated prints that really impress with their stunning photo-realism. Alternatively, you may take the xD-Picture Card containing the data to your photo dealer for first-class prints.

With its 3x seamless optical zoom, the camera provides close-up, high resolution images which capture playful moments in brilliant colour and sharp detail.

In terms of design, an emphasis has been placed on a purist, classical form. The camera sports a sophisticated metallic lacquer finish.

This model comes with the CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software for easy optimising, editing and managing of the files.

The C-310ZOOM is a high quality digital camera that has a price to fit the budget of a wide range of users. Perfect for first time buyers, it is also suitable for other users looking for comfortable handling and easy operation. If true image quality at a modest price are important factors, you will be ideally suited with this model. It is slated for release in April 2004.

The C-310ZOOM – main features:

• 3.2 million pixels
• 3x optical zoom (equiv. 38 – 114mm on 35mm camera), f2.9-5.0
• Super Macro mode: shooting from as close as 2cm
• 5 scene programmes (Portrait, Self Portrait, Night Scene, Landscape, Landscape with Portrait)
• Movie recording function
• PictBridge support
• 1.8” LCD with multi-language menu
• TruePic support
• CAMEDIA Master 4.2 software provided

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