Joris Evers fra Netflix svarer på spørsmålene dine direkte fra California, USA.
Joris Evers fra Netflix svarer på spørsmålene dine direkte fra California, USA. (Bilde: Netflix)

– Vi skaffer de filmene brukerne vil ha

Netflix svarte direkte fra California.

Netflix tok Norge med storm i høst. Den populære strømmetjenesten fra USA siktet seg endelig inn på det nordiske markedet, og mente Norge var perfekt egnet for Netflix.

De startet opp som en videoutleietjeneste i USA, men det var først da de også begynte å tilby en strømmetjeneste at de virkelig ble lagt merke til internasjonalt. I dag kan de tilby et enormt bibliotek av både filmer og TV-serier, og her i Norge får du det hele for 79 kroner måneden.

Selv om de har vært litt i trøbbel med det norske forbrukerrådet på grunn av dårlig formulerte brukervilkår, har de generelt blitt tatt godt imot.

Still spørsmål nå

I morgen klokken 19:00 vil Joris Evers, kommunikasjonsansvarlig for Netflix, svare på spørsmålene dine om selskapet. Joris snakker imidlertid ikke norsk, og du vil være nødt til å stille spørsmålene på engelsk. Vi har i tillegg satt tiden for nettmøtet senere enn vanlig, da han befinner seg på vestkysten av USA, som ligger ni timer bak oss her i Norge.

Hva du vil spørre om velger du selvfølgelig helt selv, og det kan dreie seg om alt fra brukervilkår til filmutvalg.

Her har du et par eksempelspørsmål du kan stille selv, eller bli inspirert av:

  • Why exactly did Netflix choose the nordic countries?
  • What are your plans for 2013?
  • Is streaming the best solution to piracy?
  • How often do you add new content?
  1. why norway?

    Spørsmål fra fredrik N Detain:

    Why does norway have so much less choise in shows than USA. I am a netflix user but I dont see why I should continue when You are missing great shows like the big bang theory, two and a half men, friends, familyguy, the simpsons, American dad, south park, friends, game of thrones and the newer episodes of the walking dead.

    We just launched in Norway with the biggest content offering we've ever had at any launch, many times more than we had in the U.S. when we started streaming. We will continue to expand our content offering in Norway as we grow our member base. We're very proud to already have many great TV shows and lots of movies, including a deal with Warner Brothers to provide brand new titles to our members in the Nordic region.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:07
  2. Content

    Spørsmål fra Gabbar:

    Whar are your plans for the first quarter, regarding content that will be added? Both what kind of content will you focus on, and when do you assume it will be added.

    BTW, Netflix is great!

    Thanks for loving Netflix! We are very happy with the response we have had so far from our members in Norway and the other Nordic countries. We will be adding many more TV shows and movies, including our original series House of Cards, which starts on February 1 and which, I am sure, many of you will watch episode after episode. See the trailer here:
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:09
  3. Watch later

    Spørsmål fra Egil Rotevatn:

    Do you have any plans for a "watch later" list?
    All the recommendation lists are ok, but if I find an interesting movie while looking for another I wish there was an easy way to save it for later.

    Hi Egil -- We see a streaming future. It is our belief that people will have Internet access wherever they are so they can watch Netflix streaming all the time.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:19
  4. Being "up-to-date"

    Spørsmål fra Rasmus:

    I browsed Netflix at a friends house for something to watch, and while the collection was huge, there were titles we just could not find.

    Such as "Human Centipede 2", "Half-baked" (I think)... Several TV shows as well, I believe "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia", etcetera.

    My question is: how do you decide what becomes available and what doesn't?

    At the moment Im sceptical because of not being able to find what I want to watch, and the fact that TV shows are far behind schedual (seasons that have aired in the US are not always available on Netflix).

    The world of licensing for movies and TV shows is quite complex. We license titles based on what we believe our members want to watch and what's available to us. We have a pretty good understanding of what our members love to watch based on what you're already watching and we're learning a lot about our members in Norway since launch. The market place is another story, whether we can license a movie or TV show depends on many factors, including whether someone else has licensed it, whether it is airing on a TV station, whether the license holder is asking a fair price , etc. etc. We will continue to add to the service in Norway, adding new content as we increase our membership. I suggest you follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about the great new things we're adding.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:25
  5. Turn off subtitles?

    Spørsmål fra Grizzler:

    For alot of us who usually download series, we watch them without subtitles.

    I've noticed (for example on How I met your Mother) that you cannot turn off subtiltes? Why is this not an option?

    Reading subtitles takes away the focus from the movie/tvseries alot..

    For many titles on Netflix we offer full flexibility when it comes to subtitles and audio options, giving you the option to turn these on and off as you please. However, there are some titles where we were only able to license the movie or show with subtitles embedded. Unfortunately this is not up to us.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:28
  6. Users

    Spørsmål fra Geir Martin Ohna:

    Hi, i was just out of curiosity wondering how many user Netlix have in Norway/Scandinavia?

    The warm welcome we have received in the Nordic region has been fantastic. It was our best launch so far. Many people in the region are now enjoying instant, anywhere, anytime access to TV shows and movies for a low monthly price. It is clear to us that there was pent up demand for Netflix.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:30
  7. Favourites?

    Spørsmål fra Magnus:

    Why haven't you added a playlist/favourites/see later-function? It's difficult to follow several TV-shows when I have to search for them each time.

    That's a great idea :-) We will be testing different ways for members to bookmark, favorite, or add reminders to titles that they want to watch. We always test any new feature extensively before making it available to all our members to make sure we built it right and that our members will actually get benefit out of it. Long story short: stay tuned on this type of feature.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:33
  8. Filtering

    Spørsmål fra Parent:

    Will you add options to filter what content is displayed?

    It would be very convenient to be able to have the childrens part of the program only display movies where norwegian voices are available. And also to set filters on age ratings.

    Netflix is very popular among children and we do provide parents with several ways to ensure their kids only watch appropriate content. One way is to point your children to the Netflix Just for Kids section, which is available on Wii, PS3, Xbox, Apple TV and certain Smart TVs and Blu-ray players as well as iPad. You can also set parental controls on your account. These are available through the Netflix Web site and let you set restrictions based on the age appropriate ranking of titles on Netflix.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:36
  9. Any chance that we will ever see brand new series on Netflix?

    Spørsmål fra Anders:


    Is there any chance that we will ever see current series on Netflix? PS: I would gladly pay at least twice as much for a subscription if I could watch my favorite series without delay on Netflix. Right now downloading them is often my only option :(

    We will have some brand new series, our Netflix Originals. But I would also suggest that you use Netflix to discover series and movies that perhaps are a few years old, but that you have not seen yet. Personally, I discovered Jericho on Netflix a few years after it went off the air and really enjoyed it, especially because I could watch episode after episode and whenever, wherever I wanted. Similarly, my wife and I are now watching episodes of Mad Men on Netflix, we never watched that show when it aired on TV. There are many series on Netflix that you probably never saw on TV. Our recommendation system will suggest them to you, I suggest you try them out, just click and watch for a few minutes to see if you like them.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:40
  10. Plans

    Spørsmål fra Ergin Jance:

    What are your plans for 2013?

    That's a very broad question. In general we will continue to work hard to improve the Netflix experience for our members. That means adding more TV shows and movies, but also further improving the user interface, the streaming quality and the device support. A major new thing for Netflix in 2013 is our Original Series, which will start with House of Cards in February and we will have three others to follow it, including Arrested Development (season 4), Hemlock Grove and Orange is the new Black. Stay tuned for news of availability of our Original Series in Norway.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:43
  11. Linux compability

    Spørsmål fra Johnny Antonsen:

    Are you working on a Linux compatible plugin, or is Linux still a too small market for you?

    We currently have no plans to add Linux support.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:44
  12. Regarding new content

    Spørsmål fra Peter Marjavara:

    First off; I love your service, absolutely adore it.

    What are the major challenges to get new content to a country such as Norway?

    Seeing Norway are always lacking behind when it comes to American shows and movies; are there laws that make this a difficult task?

    And if so, how can this be made more effective and profitable?


    Thanks for being a fan! As I mentioned in responses to earlier questions, we're always adding more content and working with content providers to license new content. One of the main challenges is the way content licensing works. Licensing for movies and TV shows is on a regional basis. We have to license for each region that Netflix operates in. This is a relic of the world of regional TV stations and movie houses. We'd love to see more global licensing of TV shows and movies. We are a global company and operate on the global Internet. We believe that the regional licensing only frustrates consumers and, as a result, increases piracy.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:54
  13. Netflix to Boxee box?

    Spørsmål fra Glenn E:

    Dear Joris,
    Do you know when you will allow your netflix app to the boxee box for your scandinavian customers?
    The app has been available for the US customers for ages.

    We have no plans currently to add Netflix to Boxee outside the US, sorry. I suggest you use a device that already supports Netflix, there are many other and very affordable options.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 19:59
  14. Personal meanings

    Spørsmål fra Ole Sorian Hollum:

    Why do you personal think Netflix is so much better than the other products?

    There are many parts of Netflix that I think make our service better than others. Here's a top three:

    1) Focus: Streaming is all we do and we do it very well (since 2007)

    2) Simplicity: Netflix is super easy to use, simply click and watch with one low monthly subscription option. (We don't confuse you with pay per view, downloads or tiered pricing)

    3) Selection: We have a great and always expanding mix of TV shows and movies with something to watch for everyone in the family, from kids to grandparents.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:02
  15. Movies

    Spørsmål fra Thomas M:

    I have used netflix since it came out have you ever tought off switching to html 5 instead of silverligt? Sorry for all the bad writing im using my s3 phone.

    We do like HTML5 and Microsoft is phasing out Silverlight. So overtime you will see changes in how Netflix is delivered on Windows PCs. Already our Windows 8 App no longer uses Silverlight.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:03
  16. Higher video quality

    Spørsmål fra Stian:


    What do you think of a more expensive subscribtion with higher video quality (I'm thinking 1080p with high bitrate and high resolution sound)? Could that be possible? I'd pay double just to get better video quality. :)

    Depending on your internet connection, the device you use for streaming and the title you're watching, you should be getting Netflix in 1080P with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound. You can get the 1080P experience when using a PlayStation 3, Wii U, Apple TV and certain Smart TVs.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:11
  17. Private session

    Spørsmål fra Thomas:

    Will there be like a button for private session aswell, so you can hide, forexample if you're watching Barbie?

    I assume you're asking about Facebook sharing. You can choose not to share on a title by title basis, the option to do so appears just after you start playback on many devices. Additionally, you can disconnect your Netflix from Facebook entirely.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:29
  18. Spotify

    Spørsmål fra Brita:

    I have spotify premium and i have read that you get netflix for free for the rest of the year if you do have spotify. How can i get this?

    The Spotify offer was a limited time offer that was only available the week of our launch. I hope you enjoy your one month free trial and stay on as a member after.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:31
  19. Will we get an easy way to browse all the content?

    Spørsmål fra N.E. Hanssen:

    I use Netflix on my PS3.
    In the beginning I thought there was a lack of content, but I realized I have to know what I am looking for (i.e. search for it). Since my girlfriend uses the same account, your fancy algorithm suggests a lot of movies and series I don't wanna watch.

    Will there be a possibility to browse all the content, and not only what your algorithm decides?

    We built (and continue to improve) the recommendation system with the goal of really getting to know our members and creating a personalized Netflix experience. Most of our members never search on Netflix and watch the titles we recommend (70% or so of viewing comes from the recommended list.) The Netflix experience is all about discovery and you can discover many new things to watch through the recommendation system.

    In a household with multiple people, the recommendations will be a mix of tastes. That's great for watching together and you will also see rows of recommendations that are targeted at individuals. However, we will be testing a new feature called "profiles" that will let members switch between profiles to receive more personalized recommendations.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:35
  20. Netflix USA

    Spørsmål fra Henrik I:


    I'm going to America for six months next year and will most likely try to sign up for an account over there. How is the selection compared to the library here in Norway? Is it difficult to sign up in America having in mind that I already have an account here? And will there be an AirPlay support anytime soon?

    If you have a Netflix account in Norway you won't need to sign up in the US. Your Norwegian account will work wherever Netflix is available and you will have access to the local Netflix service in that country. For example, if you traveled to Canada or Mexico you can use your Norwegian Netflix account there and access the Canadian or Mexican Netflix service.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:38
  21. HD

    Spørsmål fra Ruben Kurt:

    Isn't 1080p available for the PC? And if so, why? I've got hardware that's many times as powerful as a PS3 in my PC..

    We do provide 720p HD on Silverlight, 1080p on Windows 8.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:40
  22. Few seasons

    Spørsmål fra Esben Aasgaard:

    I wonder why you for example only have the first season of "the walking dead", and only the first season of "modern family" etc. why is it like this? i would imagine that when the producers of a show agrees to let you stream one season, then there should be no problem to continue with later seasons?

    This question goes back to my answer on content licensing challenges. We like to offer full back seasons of TV shows, typically shows that are no longer on air in a country. Whether we are able to license all seasons depends on many factors, including whether someone else already has the rights or whether shows are still on air in a particular country/region. Unfortunately the world of content licensing for a service such as Netflix isn't as simple as many people hope or think it is.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:42
  23. Content

    Spørsmål fra Marius:

    Why is the content in Norway so limited compared to the content available to US users?

    For example the movie " God Bless America" is available in the US but not in Norway.

    We have some amazing content on Netflix in the Nordic region. For example, we just added the Lord of the Rings trilogy to Netflix in Nordics only! (It is not on Netflix anywhere else.) This is great for our members in your region, especially with The Hobbit coming out soon. I suggest everyone sign off their PCs and settle down for a LOTR marathon. (The trilogy will only be on Netflix in the month of December, so start watching soon.)
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:46
  24. Netflix, movie's spotify?

    Spørsmål fra Mats Kjerstadmo:

    Do you think netflix will develop to become the movie and tv-series answer to spotify?

    Netflix is not the Spotify of TV shows and movies. This is because the rights for TV shows and movies are sold in a different way. Spotify can offer a lot of music and pay rights holders as their tracks get played, we have to license and pay for titles ahead of time and also work in the world of broadcast where there are "windows" of time when certain services or broadcasters have exclusive rights to particular titles or studio deals. It is a much different world.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:49
  25. Future expansion plans

    Spørsmål fra Martin B:

    Can you say anything about future expansion plans in Western Europe, specifically Belgium/Netherlands?

    Our goal is to be a global Internet Television network. The way we all watch TV is changing dramatically. In a number of years the traditional way of watching television (the linear grid, watch something at a certain time on a particular channel) will be gone. People want the freedom to watch when they want to, on whatever screen they like. We are at the forefront of this major change and we intend to offer Netflix around the world.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:52
  26. more units.

    Spørsmål fra Michael :

    hey joris.

    why can one account only shared two playable units. for my family has 4 units. when will this limitation soon cease?

    thanks for reply
    otherwise it is a amazing service you deliver to Norway. Thank you very much.

    Regards Michael.

    One Netflix account allows for many devices to be connected, you can watch on two devices at the same time. Currently, if you have a need for streaming on more than two devices at the same time, you will have to buy an additional subscription.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:56
  27. Rest of LOTR?

    Spørsmål fra Nicolai Willumsen:

    I watched the first Lord of of the Rings movie? And you recommended going for a LOTR marathon, I will. Only problem is that only the first movie is available? When will the rest arrive?

    If you don't see LOTR two and three yet, they should appear very soon.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 20:57
  28. Will you focus on bringing newly released content?

    Spørsmål fra Kim N.:

    As of now, the content we can choose in Norway is usual old and not so fun to watch. Will you focus on getting newer series and films in the future?

    Netflix is not about the newest TV shows and movies. We simply can't offer you all of the the latest for the low monthly price that we charge. If you care about the latest movie, you will more than likely watch those in the movie theater or on Pay TV, pay per view and pay more than a month's of Netflix.

    We have a mix of titles, some new, some old, some in between. Our model is all about discovery, there are many TV shows and movies on Netflix that you've probably never watched or have ever heard of, though they may be a few years old they are new to you. You can start watching and discover something that is new for you.
    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 21:00
  29. Marketing and available titles.

    Spørsmål fra Biff:

    HBO will launch with many new and great titles soon. How would you be able to compete with so many old titles at Netflix Norway?

    I dont buy the argument that the US had less titles when Netflix launched there, as an argument vs the Norwegian launch. Ofcourse it had less titles in the beginning!!,
    This is just digital content thats already available thru the US client, and could easily be available in Norway. Hence its a marketing decision.
    When your base of users are big enough, then you will consider more content. Im afraid that many think like me, and will go for HBO instead of Netflix because of this.

    What do you think about that ?

    HBO is a different type of service with different types of content. At Netflix, we have a mix of content with great things to watch for kids, teenager, adults, grandparents. We expect that people will subscribe to both services.

    Thank you all for your interest and enthusiasm and great questions about Netflix. I hope you all have a great holiday season with lots of Netflix viewing.

    Besvart: 6. des. 2012 21:04

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