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Lei av SPAM, da kan SpamPal være programmet som kan hjelpe deg et godt stykke på veg. SpamPal er et gratis program som skal hjelpe deg med å holde innboksen fri for all uønsket e-post.

SpamPal er et program som jobber mellom e-postserveren og e-post klienten. Programmet tagger hver e-post som oppfattes som SPAM i overskriften. På den måten kan man lett skille uønsket e-post fra all annen e-post.

Det er også mulig å tilpasse filtreringslistene etter eget ønske. Programmet har også en ”whitelisting” funksjon som gjør at utvalgte e-poster slipper unna filteret, dersom det er ønskelig.

Siste betaversjonen er tilgjengelig her.
Last ned programmet her.
Hjemmesiden finner du her.

Om programmet:
OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
E-postserver: POP3 eller IMAP4
E-post klient: Outlook, Outlook Express eller Eudora,
Går ikke på webmail kontoer som, Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, AOL og Juno.

Oppdateringer i denne betaversjonen:
o "SpamPal has crashed" error description can now be copy-and-pasted./LI>
o Now informs user of any newly-installed plugins and gives the option of enabling them.
o Additional validation in "Add to Blacklist" and "Add to Whitelist" dialogs
o In the "Add to Blacklist" and "Add to Whitelist" dialogs, when entering an email address or email address pattern, it now checks to see if the address or pattern is already blacklisted/whitelisted. (NB doesn't check any "extra" black- or white-list files you may have confighured.)
o "Add to whitelist/blacklist" dialog now converts '#' into '*' if not prefixed by whitespace - should help people who get into trouble trying to whitelist email addresses that contain a #.
o Can now configure right-clicks on tray icon to open Bayesian plugin window (or the window of any other plugin that has such a window.)
o Changed way status window reads column widths, and makes itself maximised, which should hopefully help some people for whom it wasn't working.

o No longer pads header lines X-MS-TNEF-Correlator and X-MimeOLE: This fixes problem with some attachments from Outlook appearing as "winmail.dat".
o The logfiles could become confused when messages are prefetched, with lines of output appearing in the wrong places and getting associated with the wrong messages. Fixed.

o Was a problem with the new "filter only one folder" option in "specific server" type IMAP4 ports when upgrading to v1.51. Fixed.
o Can now configure SpamPal not to bother comparing headers of messages (and thus risking missing duplicate spams).
o Changed to the configurations should now take effect for IMAP4 sessions without you having to restart SpamPal or your email program.
o Was refusing to connect to I.P. addresses that didn't have RDNS! Fixed.
o Should no longer crash if the server sends an EXISTS response when not in a folder.
o No longer pops up an error box if a FETCH command returns an error

o Can now configure SpamPal to permit all relaying regardless of client IP if host has performed successful ESMTP authentication. (UNTESTED - someone please let me know if this does or doesn't work!)
o Could crash if you chose "NO" in reply to the "Your SMTP port does nothing - are you sure this is what you want?" question. Fixed.

o Should no longer hang if it encounters corrupt auto-whitelist-pending data.
o Fixed minor bug that could make some email addresses get incorrectly removed from the auto-whitelist pending file when others expired.
o Should no longer be possible to crash SpamPal by giving it a really-long servername
o Fixed bug that sometimes caused SpamPal to freeze up if you changed the configuration while it as filtering messages.
o When looking for email addresses, now obeys RFC-2822 better.
o wasn't been accepted as the end of a range of I.P. addresses - fixed.
o SpamPal wasn't always asking the right plugins how much body they needed for the processedMessage event - fixed. (this bug occaisionally caused crashes in IMAP4.)

Plugin API:
o Plugins can now output information to the main logfile.

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