Netscape 7.1

Dette er noen av nyhetene i denne versjonen:
Popup Controlshelp you stop popups from taking over your browsing experience. (Popups are small windows that are served by various web sites and are often unsolicited.) The feature can be turned on from the tools menu. Additional settings in Preferences give you personalized control so you can "allow" popups that may be needed by an individual web site
Tabbed Browsing in Netscape 7.1 lets you browse faster by allowing you to open up more pages at once, and switch back and forth between those pages.
Images Fit to Screen to view large images in its entirety. You can also zoom out and view the image in its original size.
Find as you type lets you find links and words on a page much faster. If you're looking for something specific on a web page, just start typing and see your selection
Download multiple files at once and reliably pause and resume a download if your Internet connection is interrupted or you need to use your connection to make a phone call.
Download Manager keeps track of all your downloads from one place. View information on the status of your download, percentage complete, download location, source, time remaining and more
Save a complete web page --what used to take several steps to download and save a complete web page, now takes only one. In a single action, save a page with all of its graphics files (GIFs and JPEGs). No need to individually download each file to capture all the content on the page.
Free Netscape Mail Account, with 5MB of free space for all your messages, you can send and receive e-mail from anywhere online. You can also manage other accounts with Netscape 7.1, such as your ISP account, work account, and even AOL Mail.
Junk Mail Controls help you say goodbye to spam. Our advanced junk mail controls learn from you as you mark items as junk mail or not junk mail. Once you have trained Netscape Mail, junk mail can be automatically deleted or moved to a folder you specify. .
Netscape 7.1 linker:

Netscape 7.1 Final for Windows
Netscape 7.1 Final for Linux
Netscape 7.1 Final for MacOS X

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