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Et av de mest brukte brennerprogrammene kommer om få dager ut med en ny oppgradert versjon og blir enda bedre. Denne versjonen vil ha med støtte for MPEG-4 og inkludere NeroVision Express 2.0. Dermed er mer eller mindre alt av behov innenfor CD og DVD dekket.

Lanseringen til Nero er satt til den 18 juli og vil koste 59.99 dollar å kjøpe. Dersom du allerede har Nero 5.0 eller 5.5 vil oppgraderingen koste 39,99 dollar. Dersom du kjøpte Nero 5.5 etter 1 mai 2003 har du rett til en gratis oppgradering av programmet.

Les mer om hva Nero 6.0 vil inneholde.

Nero StartSmart
StartSmart is the project launcher that makes it easy to navigate this powerful software. All the tools you need are organized together and available with the click of a mouse. StartSmart has every coll effect and editing tool you will ever need to take your projects to the next level.

Nero Burning ROM 6
While maintaining the same feel as earlier versions of Nero Burning ROM, version 6 takes the program to the next level. More than just a face lift, the sleek new look covers our most powerful and reliable burning engine yet.

Nero Express 6
The fastest way to perfect results. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Nero Express guides you quickly and easily through your projects.

Nero Vision Express 2
With the new advanced video authoring of NeroVision Express 2, you can capture video, or use existing video files, then edit, add effects and transitions, create your menus and titles, layer the whole thing over your favorite music, then burn to DVD and VCD and SVCD. You can also use NeroVision Express 2 to create great looking slide shows in a snap

Nero Wave Editor 2
Nero Wave Editor is a program for editing and recording audio files. The various filters and effects allow you to create perfect audio files quickly and easily. Then burn your edited audio tracks using Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express or NeroMIX.

Nero SoundTrax
Nero SoundTrax is a professional program for the production of audio CDs. As well as putting together a compilation of audio files for a CD just like a DJ, you can also mix, edit, and cross-fade the files. Nero SoundTrax also has wizards that make it easy to transfer your records or tapes to CD. Its just like having your own virtual multitrack studio.

Nero Cover Designer
Nero Cover Designer is a user friendly program for creating and designing individual covers and labels. It allows you to use your own ideas to create CD covers, booklets and much more. You can give every disc an individual look, or simply download the original cover. To get you started, Nero 6 Ultra Edition also contains a label applicator and labels from NEATO.

Nero Media Player
With the Nero Media Player you can handle all kinds of audio files, e.g. MP3, WAV or AAC and playback Audio-CDs. In addition you can stream internet radio and create variable playlists.

Nero ShowTime
With Nero ShowTime, you can play back all your digital content (e.g. movies, TV programs, home videos, DVD video) with excellent picture and sound quality. You can even playback all MPEG-4 compatible formats! Turn your computer into a theatre, its Showtime.

Nero ToolKit
The Nero TookKit contains the following programs: Nero CD-DVD Speed, Nero DriveSpeed and Nero InfoTool. Nero CD-DVD Speed is a program that tests the speed of the available CD/DVD drives. Nero DriveSpeed allows you to set the read speed of discs, which noticeably lowers noise reduction, or to optimize the spin up or spin down times of your drives. Nero InfoTool provides you with information about the most important features of installed drives, inserted discs, installed software and much more.

InCD 4
InCD is a packet writing program, which formats rewritable discs so they can be used like large floppy disks. You can copy files onto the disc using Drag&Drop in Microsoft Explorer or save them to the disc from other applications.

EasyWrite Reader 4
EasyWrite Reader is a program that allows you to read discs written in MRW format on systems that do not support MRW.

Nero ImageDrive
Ever wish that you could see whats inside a disc image?
Nero ImageDrive sets up a virtual CD-ROM drive, which looks like a real drive to your PC and behaves in just the same way, i.e. it allows you to open and view files and programs that are located on this virtual drive (image).

Nero BackItUp
Nero BackItUp is a full featured stand-alone application and now fully integrated for easy use! Throw your data a lifeline. Back it up using this simple yet powerful set of tools and technologies. Rest easy and let backItUp do the work for you.

MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in
Combined with NeroVision Express 2, the MPEG-2/DVD Plug-in allows the encoding of video files in DVD/SVCD format. And the encoding of SVCD in Nero Burning ROM. Just burn the disc then play them back on any DVD player.

HE-AAC Plug-in
The HE-AAC Plug-in allows you to encode and playback audio files in MP4 format, the future of internet audio. High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) is the very latest audio compression technology; its main advantage over earlier formats is its revolutionary high-speed compression and its incomparable sound quality. The HE-AAC Plug-in offers unlimited multiple real time encoding, variable bit rates, multi-channel functionality and direct MPEG-4 ripping, burning, playback and editing.
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