MV800 - Ny videokameraserie fra Canon


Canons nye videokameraserie, MV800, overtar etter MV700-serien. De nye kameraene er funksjonsmessig ganske like sine forgjengere, men er mindre og lettere. Dessverre har dette gått kraftig utover batterilevetiden som har gått ned fra over 11 timer til 5 timer (Canons spesifikasjoner).


Easy operation camcorders ideal for first time buyers

Canon, leader in photographic and imaging technology, is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of 800K pixel digital video cameras: the MV800 series. Designed to appeal to first time buyers looking for simplicity and quality, the MV850i, MV830i, MV830 and MV800 combine Canon’s easiest ever operation with uncompromising build quality and precision optics.

A new ‘Easy’ button which puts the camcorder into full auto mode has been introduced for the benefit of users looking for immediate, uncomplicated results straight out of the box. All models in the range feature a powerful optical zoom: 22x (440x combined) for the MV850i and 20x for the MV830i, MV830 and MV800. They also feature Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), high-resolution true 16:9 wide screen mode with letterbox display, a double neutral density filter, web cam functionality, Super Night mode (MV850i) and Night Mode. The MV850i, MV830i and MV830 feature digital still capability plus PictBridge for direct printing to compatible photo printers without the computer.

Despite their tiny size (only 51mm thick and weighing just 430g), the digital video cameras feature a large 2.4” colour LCD screen and are powered with the same DIGIC-DV processor used to drive Canon’s high end digital video cameras.

Simple to use
Everything about the digital video cameras is designed to make shooting and playback very easy. As well as the ‘Easy’ button for switching between full auto and program mode, a number of other key controls sit right beneath the fingertips for intuitive, single-handed operation. The ergonomic oval design includes flush switches and recessed buttons, contributing to both ease-of-use and the streamlined feel. To make shooting easy, single purpose external buttons now include a ‘Night Mode’ button, LCD Backlight button to raise LCD backlight brightness when shooting in bright conditions and a Widescreen button to switch between normal 4:3 and wide screen 16:9 modes. Menu options are designed to be intuitive and simple to navigate.

16:9 mode
The digital video cameras feature high-resolution 16:9 wide screen mode for ‘cinema-like’ full screen viewing on wide-screen television – the first time high-resolution 16:9 has been incorporated in a digital video camera at this price point. ‘Letter Box’ display is used for correct ratio representation of 16:9 footage during recording and playback, avoiding an otherwise ‘squashed’ image. To give footage and stills a panoramic feel, a 0.6x wide converter lens comes standard with the MV850i.

Precision optics
Drawing on over 60 years of precision optics experience, Canon has fitted the digital video cameras with a glass lens containing an aspheric element for high contrast, sharp footage, free from the spherical aberrations caused by low quality lenses. To prevent white clipping (loss of differentiation in the brightest whites) that can occur when shooting in bright conditions (such as on a beach or in snow), each model features a double neutral density (ND) filter. Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) in all models limits frustrating image shake for calm, steady and pleasing footage, particularly important at high magnifications and making tripod use unnecessary in most shooting situations .

Digital still
Canon has drawn on seventy years of camera manufacture expertise to provide the MV850i, MV830i and MV830 with the facility to capture quality digital still images whilst shooting video footage. Still images are stored as JPEG files direct to either MMC or SD memory cards, which can also be used to hold Motion-JPEG files. Depending on memory card capacity, up to 60 minutes of Motion JPEG footage can be recorded straight to card. An 8MB SD card is supplied with the MV850i, MV830i and MV830. A mechanical shutter provides true digital still camera functionality, eliminating the blur that plagues conventional digital video cameras. For easy transfer of stills and clips stored on the card, these three digital video cameras feature a USB port. All models are PictBridge compliant, allowing them to print direct to any compatible photo printer without the need for a computer.

Full range of modes
Each camera in the series features a new external Night button for fast switching to night mode. The MV850i features Super Night mode, with LED for shooting in zero-light conditions, plus the flexibility and battery saving qualities of Night+ mode which enables the LED to be switched on and off whilst shooting. To help deliver great results in difficult lighting conditions, all digital video cameras in the range feature a comprehensive variety of modes including EASY, Auto, Sports, Portrait, Spotlight, Sand and Snow, Low Light and Night modes. Creative digital effects include Art, Sepia, Monochrome, Mosaic, Mirror, Cube and Wave, with 9 fade modes to choose from. A skin detail mode softens skin tones for flattering warm results, putting an end to the harsh and unforgiving results of conventional digital video cameras.

Emotional colours
Unlike competitor products limited by the use of generic processors, Canon’s DIGIC DV processor is purpose built to optimise image quality. It also allows two separate processing paths for both digital stills and video, so there is no compromise on the quality of either. Rather than simply recording what the lens ‘sees’, DIGIC DV is used to recreate what Canon’s engineers refer to as ‘emotional’ colours, tones and details that are perceived as far more pleasing and realistic to the human eye. DIGIC DV combines all the key processing and memory requirements onto a single chip, making the digital video cameras more efficient than other brands and contributing to the MV800 series’ five hours maximum continuous shooting time.

Online Sharing
Purchase of the MV850i, MV830i and MV830 digital video camera entitles the owner to free CANON iMAGE GATEWAY (CiG) membership: 100MB of free space for online sharing of digital stills and MPEG video clips. Rather than sending large video clips or images as email attachments, users can upload their favourite material to their own secure galleries on CiG and use a site facility to send gallery links to family and friends.

Software & connectivity
Two-way communication software DV Messenger 2.0 (available for free download at combines elements of Microsoft Windows Messenger and Canon’s own network solution. It provides two-way (peer-to-peer) communication while also enabling the exchange of audio and video data – live or recorded – over the Internet, as well as camera and VCR modes. The digital video cameras have an IEEE1394 streaming interface for high-speed dubbing, plus non-linear editing and retouching.

Analogue/Digital converter
The MV850i and MV830i feature a Digital-In and Analogue/Digital converter. Analogue devices such as VHS players or analogue video cameras can be connected to convert analogue signals into digital, which can then be stored direct to the video camera or output to a digital storage device such as a PC.

The menu display on the MV800 range can be set from a selection of eight languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

The MV800 range of camcorders will be available from late February 2005.

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