Minolta DiMAGE Capture

Det er dumt at Minolta selger programvaren som ekstrautstyr; dette burde fulgt med gratis. Man får liknende programvare med på kjøpet når man kjøper bla. Canons dyrere kompaktkameraer.

Mer informasjon om programvaren finnes i pressemeldingen under.


Minolta Capture application software for remote DiMAGE A1 imaging

Langenhagen, Germany, August 7th, 2003
DiMAGE Capture is a remote-imaging software package expressly designed for the new DiMAGE A1 digital camera. With a simple USB connection, the camera can be controlled and monitored from a computer, and the image date can be directly stored on the hard drive.

DiMAGE Capture enables all of the basic camera settings to be made remotely with the computer mouse. By simply connecting the DiMAGE A1 digital camera to a Windows-operated computer, images can be recorded directly from the computer.

The camera’s live image is displayed on the computer monitor. Clicking on the live image specifies the position of the Flex Focus Point for autofocus, or during manual focus, the selected image area can be magnified to inspect sharpness and clarity. White balance and contrast can also be calibrated with any point within the image.

The camera settings appear in a visible display box just under the live image. There are tools for color matching to give the most accurate, digital reproduction of the live image in the viewfinder. The DiMAGE Viewer can then be launched from DiMAGE Capture enabling recorded images to be viewed.

The advantage of DiMAGE Capture is allowing large amounts of image data to be recorded quickly. As the data is transferred directly to the computer’s hard drive, the amount storage capacity is not limited to the camera’s CompactFlash card.

Enabling a new way to photograph, DiMAGE Capture provides remote imaging capabilities for the new DiMAGE A1 digital camera. Through a simple USB connection, the photographer maintains direct control over the camera and immediate storage of images.

Sales start at the beginning of September

About Minolta
In its 75th year, Minolta Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of image information and optical products with operative bases in 33 countries around the world. The Minolta Group consists of 95 companies with a total of 22,000 employees. Group sales for the period ended March 2003 totalled €3.98 billion, 80% from sales outside Japan. Minolta places major emphasis on the business of photocopiers and printers, especially in the field of colour output, and is strategically promoting alliances with other industries. Building on its strong core of optical technologies developed over many years as a camera manufacturer, Minolta aims to be a corporation offering products and services that are essential to all areas of digital imaging. In August 2003 Minolta will join the Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc.

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