Messenger 6 tilgjengelig i kveld

I den nye versjonen av messenger kan man sette bakgrunner i hvert enkelt vindu og spille blant annet kabal med sine venner. Samtaler vil kunne logges og det finnes et hav av nye emotions, du kan også lage dine egne.

Dette sier Microsoft om msn 6.0 i sin pressemelding:
MSN Messenger 6, available beginning today at 11 a.m. PDT from, helps users create their own online identities through customized display pictures, backgrounds and emoticons. They also can share more of themselves -- silly or serious -- with IM contacts by competing at live online games, sending photos to their friends, or sharing animated emoticons that breathe life into that sad old :). In addition, MSN Messenger 6 lets users connect in fresh, new ways -- via a webcam, a multitude of mobile devices or a Tablet PC -- while blocking spam and helping protect privacy.

"MSN Messenger 6 lets everyone create their own digital personality and play in a virtual playground with friends from around the block or around the world," said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president for MSN. "Consumers told us they wanted a place to gather and have fun online, and we've delivered a hallmark example of MSN's commitment to delivering the best communication services for consumers worldwide."

Designing a Digital Self With MSN Messenger 6
IM lovers who are tired of generic interfaces and a lack of personalization features can let their individuality run wild with MSN Messenger 6. More than 30 new emoticons allow users to express their feelings graphically and, for the first time, through animated images, including a birthday cake with flickering candles, a happy face with a blinking eye, and a sad face that scrunches its eyes and cries droplets of tears. MSN Messenger also lets users take their IM experience to the next level by easily creating their own emoticons with any image they can create or upload.

MSN Messenger 6 also offers innovative features that allow users to do the following:
• Choose a personalized background from a wealth of options such as cartoons, sports or international locations; create their own background from favorite photos or logos; and share favorite background themes with IM contacts
• Select customized display pictures of their favorite pet or celebrities or other pictures to represent themselves to contacts
• Choose from more than 150 fonts and 16 colors of type to represent their personal style
• Save favorite IM conversations to a personal hard drive with just one click via message logging
Her kan du lese mer om nyhetene.
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