Lindows ferdig installert på Segate disker

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Microsoft tok operativsystemmarkedet med å levere Windows ferdig installert på nye datamaskiner. Nå forsøker Lindows seg på noe av det samme og har inngått en avtale med Segate om å levere harddisker med Lindows ferdig installert.

Disken som Segeate tilbyr til først og fremst til PC produsenter i USA er 40GB Barracuda 7200. Den vil koste det samme i innkjøp med eller uten Lindows. Disken er klart til å settes rett inn i maskinen og inneholder et auto-detekt program som skal optimalisere maskinen automatisk. På den måten regner de med at PC produsentene vil spare inntil 100 dollar for hver maskin.

I første omgang gjelder dette tilbudet ut desember.

Meldingen fra Lindows:

This week we're kicking off our "fluoride in the water" strategy for desktop Linux that we call "LindowsHD." Our goal is to make desktop Linux available for everyone, immediately and at no cost. Up until now, operating systems have been sold the same way for 20 years. They've either come in a cardboard box on a retail store shelf or more likely, a computer manufacturer has paid Microsoft $100 per machine and installed it as they are building the computer (passing the $100 cost onto the customer). Together with our new partner, Seagate, we're changing how the entire PC business works. You may not be familiar with Seagate, but they are the world's largest hard drive company, shipping about one-third of all hard drives for desktop computers. Seagate is now selling a line of hard drives pre-loaded with LindowsOS for the exact same price as a typical blank hard disc. Because the LindowsHD hard disc is available for the exact same price as the blank hard disc, the manufacturer is in effect, getting LindowsOS for free.

Computer manufacturers will save billions by purchasing Seagate drives with LindowsOS, because it removes the need to purchase a $100 license for every computer they sell. 55% of the computers sold today are "white boxes," meaning they don't carry a brand name. The white boxes are typically assembled by small to medium-sized companies. These companies can now use LindowsHD and avoid entering into expensive licensing agreements with software companies. All the money they save as a result, they can pass along to their customers in the form of cheaper desktop computers. The value segment of the PC business (sub-$500 desktops and sub-$1000 laptops) is booming in the US, as well as in emerging markets. Cost conscience buyers will call for the most affordable price, which dictates a Linux-based solution. This makes LindowsHD an ideal weapon for computer manufacturers to compete aggressively in these expanding markets.

LindowsHD works with practically any Intel-compatible computer, with no installation process whatsoever, saving time, money and hassle. Simply plugging in the hard disc and starting the computer up, LindowsOS will auto-recognize all of the internal components (video card, ethernet card, sound card, etc.) with no user intervention. This would not be possible with most other operating systems because they require installation CDs to tailor the software for each particular configuration. If you've ever changed a part in your Microsoft Windows computer and had the software nag you to go find installation CDs before it would work again, you know what I'm talking about. LindowsOS operates in a more flexible manner. In fact, it's possible to take a LindowsOS hard disc out of one computer, and put it into a much different computer and it will auto-recognize all the new components. This auto-recognition feature allows Seagate to sell hard discs which will work in virtually all Intel-compatible computers with no custom installation

Major distributors such as Bell Micro and Synnex are now selling LindowsHD with the English version of LindowsOS, to computer manufacturers. Interested manufacturers should go here for more information. We have just barely begun to feel the positive impact that desktop Linux is having on the industry. Our 'fluoride in the water' strategy will help accelerate the speed at which everyone can benefit from the affordability, security and ease of use that Linux is bringing to the world.

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