Konica Minolta DiMAGE X21

DiMAGE X21 - The deal camera for beginners: cool, easy, and fun.

Langenhagen, February, 2004

he common concepts of the X-series-"Thin, Fast and Cool"-are faithfully reproduced with the DiMAGE X21, one of the smallest cameras in the world and boasting a fast startup time of just 1 second. The ultra slim digital camera with 2-megapixel and 3x optical zoom, the DiMAGE X21 is affordable and comes complete with all the basic functions expected by young people that enjoy picture messaging every day. Intuitive button location makes for easy operation and a wide range of features like a mirror to check the look before taking a self-portrait. Picture Composition, and Frame and Border give the user more ways to shoot and view pictures.

The DiMAGE X21 is for people that are starting to think about entering the fun world of digital photography. Regardless of age or gender, these are people that insist on quality. It's a camera with a design that's comfortable to use and functionality that makes taking pictures simple and fun.

· Thin with a stylish body-the camera is a mere 24.5mm thick even with non-extended 3x optical zoom-makes for the ultimate in portable digital photography.
· Amazingly fast start up time-the DiMAGE X21 is ready to use in 1 second.
· Users get superb images thanks to the 2.0-megapixel Konica Minolta proprietary 3x optical zoom and CxProcess™ II high-quality image processing technology.
· Incorporating the PictBridge feature that enables printing without a PC.
· Internal memory for recording your favorite images.

· 3x Optical Zoom in a Super-Slim Body - One of the Smallest in its Class
Featuring Konica Minolta's non-extending zoom lens, which maintains the cool outward appearance of the DiMAGE X21 even when the zoom is activated, this revolutionary design uses internal folded optics, which means that the cool, slim profile of the camera doesn't have to change at all, even while recording. Even with 3x optical zoom, the camera is still just 24.5mm thick, whether carrying or shooting (21.5mm thick excluding the LCD monitor).

· Fast Start Up
From the moment you switch the camera on, all you have to do is wait about 1 second and then you are ready to take great pictures.

· Superbly Clear Images
The CxProcess™ II image processing technology incorporates characteristics like smooth gradations, natural skin tones, and brilliantly clear colors for images that are more natural and lifelike. The DiMAGE X21's 2 megapixels capture fine lines and intricate details for stunning digital images. The slow shutter speed and Dark-Noise Reduction combine to prevent graininess and give exceptional night photos with clearly contrasted dark tones.

· XR Function
The XR (Extended Recording) Movie mode lets you record longer movie clips onto the SD memory card at resolutions of 160 X 120 or 320 X 240 pixels. Just keep on filming until the memory card is full.

· Easy and Convenient Operation
The DiMAGE X21 also incorporates a launcher type Graphic User Interface (GUI) menu system. The intuitive controls of the GUI mean that you get a comfortable compact digital camera that does all the work for you. Simply press the menu button for the user-friendly GUI icons that let you command all of the DiMAGE X21's settings. There are no complicated settings to be made or a thousand buttons to press. The controls are simple and few, allowing you to have fun with the DiMAGE X21.

· Direct Camera-to-Printer Printouts
Fast printouts from the camera by directly connecting the DiMAGE X21 to a PictBridge*-compliant printer. Which image should be printed can be checked on the LCD monitor of the camera.

*PictBridge is an industry standard established by the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA).

· More Functions for More Ways to Enjoy
The DiMAGE X21 allows to see how pictures will turn out even before you take them, thanks to features such as Frame or Border, which adds a frame or border around the image, or Side by Side, which splices two pictures on each the left and right halves of the frame in the middle of the image. You can manipulate and play with your pictures to create unique images that will have people asking, "How did you do that?"

· Slide Show
Use the Slide Show function to play back images complete with dissolves, wipes, and fades so that there is no jerky jumping from one picture to another. Use the LCD display on the camera. Of course, these digital images can be rotated to orient them correctly, so there's no need to twist your head and get a stiff neck trying to view those vertically framed shots.

· Choose from Five Color Modes, Including Two Brand New Options
After taking your snapshot, customize and personalize your images by choosing one of our five color modes. Choose from these three traditional effects: color, black & white, and sepia tones, or give your picture an original twist the new Soft Focus option, which digitally simulates the soft filter effect of film cameras. Or why not select the new Posterization option, which produces artistic effects on landscape or portrait pictures using digital image processing unattainable with regular film cameras.

· Internal Memory for Recording Favorite Images
The DiMAGE X21 includes a Favorite Image function that allows to carry your favorite images with you wherever you go. These precious pictures (about 10 VGA images) are saved onto an internal memory, which you can view time and again without the need to change or even use memory cards.

· Fun to Shoot
With the touch of a single button, you can look at all the pictures you have taken.

· Be a Self-Portrait Artist
The days of frustration are over, thanks to the DiMAGE X21's Portrait Mode, which allows you to add depth to your pictures by adjusting the tone curve and to emphasize the subject's complexion by selecting the optimal image processing settings. The conveniently-placed Self-Portrait Mirror means you can see yourself while taking a self-portrait.

· Data Storage
The DiMAGE X21 uses a SD memory card or MultiMediaCards, to easily record and store all data.

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