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Muse pocket is a stylish external unit that receives both signals and power via the computer’s USB port. You can adjust the volume by twisting the round knob atop the cylindrical unit, or mute it by pushing down. Hercules has also installed two yellow-green LEDs around the base to help Muse Pocket look a bit more exclusive.

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The unit has outputs for 5.1 surround by way of 3 mini-jack contacts. The headphone output, microphone input and line input are also in the form of mini-jack contacts. Since the contacts are distributed around the outside of the cylinder the whole thing can end up looking like an octopus. Fortunately the sound inputs and line input are placed on one side, and the headphones and microphone on the other, so you can keep a modicum of order on your desk. But a digital output would have been nice!

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