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Fujifilm Printpix CX-550: versatile photo lab technology for home or professional use

Fujifilm has announced the commercial launch of the Printpix CX-550 digital photo printer: a high-speed, versatile machine that builds on the success of Fujifilm's Printpix CX-400. Incorporating technology used in photo lab shops, the Printpix CX-550 is designed for photography professionals, enthusiasts and home users.

Multiple applications for the Printpix CX-550 include:

  • Home use: printing of 6x4" or wallet-sized pictures for home enjoyment or for sharing digital photos with family or friends
  • Commercial use: the CX-550 is approved for printing ID and passport photos, as well as being ideal for small businesses where space is at a premium and a standard minilab would be too large
  • Professional use: professional photographers can use the CX-550 as a versatile proofing system in a studio or on location.

The Printpix CX-550 continues where its predecessor left off, but with some notable developments. Fujifilm has increased the size of the built-in LCD screen from 1.8" to 2.5", making operating, editing and image viewing even easier.

An improved version of Fujifilm's Image Intelligence software is also incorporated into the new printer. Used in high-end photofinishing equipment in photo lab shops, this image processing software creates the best possible prints by analysing the subject and shooting conditions for each image.

Six different built-in frame templates are now offered in the ID photo printing solution, including 79 x 100mm (35 x 45 mm, 4-up) and 100 x 110mm (51 x 51mm, 2-up), which correspond with standard ID photo sizes in use worldwide. The Printpix CX-550 also gives the user options to customise template design, helping to minimise printing costs and save time.

Continuing Fujifilm's commitment to producing eco-friendly, easy and clean printers, the Printpix CX-550 operates without the need for ink ribbons or cartridges. Instead, Fujifilm's proprietary Printpix system uses thermal energy that enables special coated Printpix paper to generate its own true-colour lab-quality prints.

In addition, the Printpix CX-550 incorporates PictBridge(tm) technology - the new standard in direct printing - which enables convenient printing directly from any PictBridge(tm) compatible digital camera without the need to remove the memory card from the camera.

Fujifilm Printpix CX-550 features at a glance:

  • Easy to operate design
  • Built-in 2.5" LCD display
  • Image Intelligence Software for professional quality prints
  • Six preset ID photo frame templates with an option for creating customised templates
  • Easy, clean and environmentally friendly - no ribbons or ink cartridges required
  • PictBridge(tm)(tm) compatible for direct printing without a PC

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm's Director of Consumer Products, said, "The Printpix CX-550 is a versatile printer that makes photo processing technology available to all. The printer is easy and enjoyable to use, thanks to the increased size of the LCD and the thermal processing technology. All the user has to think about is putting in the paper."

Printpix Printing System: how does it work?
Fujifilm's Printpix CX-550 uses a special coated paper with yellow, magenta and cyan layers. Printpix technology enables this paper to generate its own colours and images when subjected to the thermal energy from the printer head and UV light for fixing the image. With 16.77 million possible colours (256 gradations of yellow, magenta and cyan), every hue and halftone is faithfully reproduced for prints with a rich tonal range, along with crisp and vivid colours. As the Printpix system does not use any ribbons, inks, dyes, toner or chemicals, it is simple, economical and ecological.

Availability & pricing
The Printpix CX-550 is available now from photographic retailers in the UK at a Suggested Retail Price of £449.99 including VAT.

Printpix CX-550: supplied accessories

  • 1 roll of Printpix paper (40 prints)
  • Instruction manual
  • Paper case
  • Retaining ring
  • Cleaning paper and core
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • CD containing USB printer drivers

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