Fujifilm Finepix A210 lansert

Vi har trolig sett det siste kameraet med 2 Megapiksler fra Fujifilm. Canon PowerShot A300 og Olympus C-350 tyder på at det samme gjelder for disse produsentene.

A210 er et entry-level kamera med fokus på enkel betjening, men med 3 Megapiksler oppløsning kan man likevel regne med å kunne skrive ut bilder i A4-format.

Kameraet bruker det dyre XD-kort formatet, og vil være tilgjengelig i Norge i siste halvdel av august til en pris på ca. 3500 kroner.

Pressemelding fra Fujifilm i Tyskland følger under.


For all those, who just love it FinePix A210: Easy handling and always at hand

The FinePix A210 is a practical camera for all those who are beginners with regard to digital photographing. Equipped with effective 3.2 megapixels, an optical three-fold zoom and an intelligent white balance the Fujifilm-camera is absolutely suitable for photos of up to 20 x 30 cm. Being compact and of appealing design the FinePix-model rests comfortably in the photographer´s hand. The FinePix A210 uses the xD- Picture-Card, a small as well as efficient storing medium, which shortly is optionally available with up to 512 MB. The camera features a problem-free energy supply with two standard accumulators of mignon type. When working in the automatic mode the camera controls the setting of exposure and sharpness. However, if you want to you may also correct the exposure manually between the values -2.1 and +1.5. The video function features up to 240 seconds video without sound at 160 x 120 pixel or 60 seconds at 320 x 240 pixels. The reproduction of videos and photos is absolutely problem-free via the incorporated video-exit, either in PAL or in NTSC.

From August onwards the FinePix A210 will be available at photo dealers for 299 Euros (not binding price recommendation). A docking station will be optionally available for 79 Euros.


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