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Epson UK Press Release

Epson introduces the most competitively priced multi-format film scanner

November 2004

Epson's new F-3200 dedicated film scanner offers a cost-effective, high quality film scanning solution. It enables professionals and experienced amateur photographers to achieve professional lab-quality results.

The Epson F-3200 is the most competitively priced multi-format dedicated film scanner on the market. Priced at £549 (inc VAT) the scanner is aimed at professionals and experienced amateur photographers who want to scan their film quickly without sacrificing quality. It is also ideal for photographers who want to digitise their film archive or who still shoot in film but wish to create digital images for manipulation and printing.

The Epson F-3200 is a versatile product which allows professionals and experienced amateurs to quickly scan reflective prints of up to 4" x 6" in addition to 35mm film through to 5" x 4" sheet film. Compatible with either a PC or Mac, the Epson F-3200 features advanced software that enables photographers to scan 35mm and medium format film in batches and at the same time remove dust and scratches from images. The built-in LCD screen allows photographers to preview scanned images quickly and easily.

The Epson F-3200 is the first film scanner to support a built-in memory card reader, so users can scan directly to memory cards for additional ease of use.

Richard Baylis, Sales and Marketing Manager, Consumer Products, Epson UK, says, “The affordable price of the Epson F-3200 makes it possible for professionals and experienced amateur photographers to scan a variety of film formats themselves, by-passing the professional lab altogether. Not only is this more convenient, but it is also offers a cost effective option for photographers who need to scan a large archive of various film formats.”

Epson F-3200 features summary

- High speed, high quality 3200dpi film scanner
- Compact and affordable solution for all film needs including batch scanning
- Includes film holders for
- 35mm strip and mounted transparencies, panoramic film, medium and large format film up to 4 x 5”
- Reflective media up to 4 x 6”
- Dedicated lamp system for negative and positive film
- USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) connectivity
- Scan directly to memory cards
- Preview images with built-in LCD screen
- EPSON Scan software for easy batch scanning
- Silverfast AI 6 for profession image editing and dust and scratch removal
- RRP inc VAT £549

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