Beta of Opera 8.0

We were preparing for the 7.60 release, but as work progressed and we kept adding improvements and functionality, it became very evident that we now have a browser that is so powerful, secure, and easy to use that it exceeds the next logical version number and warrants a major release wrote Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera Software, in a press release issued today.

Registered users of version 7.x will receive a free upgrade to version 8.0. Among the new features of Opera, we find things such as speech recognition, allowing users with disabilities to use the Internet. Opera can also read webpages aloud for people who has trouble with their eyesight.

A trash can is now also visible, which provides quick access to closed windows, a feature that is very helpful if you accidentally close a window. By clicking the trash can, you also get access to blocked pop-up windows.

RSS feeds are now more prominent in Opera, and for pages that support it, you can click an RSS icon in the adress bar, and the feed conveniently added to the sidebar. A function called Fit-to-window allows Opera to resize pages beneath their minimum width, and prevents horizontal scrolling. However, the function breaks the design of certain websites.

Opera is still less than a 4MB download, without Java, and the beta version is now available at The changelog is also available here.

Source: Opera Software

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