BenQ annonserer to nye digitalkameraer


Europe, 5th of March, 2004 - BenQ announced the launch of the compact BenQ DC C30 and C40 Digital Cameras. Featuring BenQ's exclusive graphical User-Interface, "Easy-Dial", the 3 Megapixel DC C30 and 4 Megapixel C40 gives you professional quality pictures without the hassle of complicated menus and settings.

In addition to this, the BenQ DC C30 and C40 are also equipped with 3X optical zoom and a spacious 1.6" LCD screen with 80000-pixel resolution for comfortable screening of your pictures. Supporting MPEG-4 format, users can also record continuous movies with sound and playback of 30 frames per second, providing a smooth viewing experience.

Other notable features of the BenQ DC C30 and C40 include 12-language support capabilities, built-in 14 MB memory, and a convenient single setting shutter priority feature for easy professional quality pictures.

Enjoy your images with the new BenQ C30 and C40.

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