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Minolta Dimage A1 at ISO 400

July 15, 2004 -- Noise Ninja 2.0 released for Mac OS X and Windows

Austin, Texas (June 15, 2004) -- Noise Ninja 2.0, the latest generation of PictureCode's popular Noise Ninja image noise removal software, was officially released today. Notably, the new version is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows platforms.

With the release of Noise Ninja 2.0, the Macintosh community can, for the first time, utilize state-of-the-art noise reduction in an efficient, native application. This allows a large number of professional photographers and news organizations to fill a significant gap in the digital workflow. Moreover, Noise Ninja 2.0 has been optimized to exploit high-performance capabilities of the PowerPC architecture.

Windows users will enjoy a range of improvements over Noise Ninja 1. The list of enhancements includes a threefold improvement in filtering speed, simplified automatic profiling, multiprocessor support, and numerous user interface refinements.

Noise Ninja 2.0 is available in two editions. The Professional edition, priced at US$69, supports 16-bit file output, batch processing, and multiprocessor support. The Home edition is priced at US$29, and it supports 8-bit output, processing of individual images, and single-processor execution.

Customers of Noise Ninja 1 can upgrade to the same edition of Noise Ninja 2.0 free of charge. A new license key is required and can be requested by email.

For more information about Noise Ninja 2, visit

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