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Introduction is one of Norway's largest dedicated computer site and is probably one of the sites in Norway that has the most hardware purchase oriented readers. With the right placement and type of ads one can expect a very good response on the advertising. In extreme cases we have had a CTR over 30%, even large campaigns often exceed a CTR of 2-3%. Today we mostly have other large Norwegian computer stores as advertisers. is one of many sites in the "Hardware network". The main site is, which is in charge of the ads at

Where, when and how?

We divide our site in three parts: Front page, sections and forum.

  • Front page - Large demand for ads and most of the time it is booked. Therefore be sure to plan in advance!
  • Sections - We normally have free space here.
  • Forum - Mainly the forum is for brand building and sponsoring. The CTR here is low.

All our advertisers are given access to live statistics.

Prices in NOK (7-8 NOK = 1 USD / EURO).

Format Price per impression Max KB
Banner 468x60 0,1 12
Billboard 140x350 0,15 20
E-board 200x250 0,15 20
Netboard 468x400 0,25 50

On large campaigns we give discounts.


Numbers from the latest user survey (2001, december):

71 % have used our page for more then one year.

83 % have a large or very large degree of confidence in what we write.

99 % use the Internet to gather information about products and services.

94 % have purchased products or services over the Internet during the last year.

77 % plans to change hardware equipment within the next 6 months

85 % shop mostly B2C.

50 % can influence or take decisions concerning when and where the company they work in should purchase (28% answered that they did not work).

33 % work within Computer/Internet/Telecom/Web/Programming.

24 % are students.

98 % are men and the average age is about 25 years of age.

You can read the complete survey here her

Contact information

Per Øivind Skard
Telephone: +47 22 82 32 32
Fax: +47 22 82 32 33

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