10 grunner til å velge Lindows 4.0

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Windows er Lindows sin største konkurrent, det legger de heller ikke skjul på. Med sin siste versjon av Lindows, påstår de at de har blitt bedre en Windows på flere områder. Derfor gir også Lindows deg 10 punkter der de skal være Windows overlegne, i følge Michael Robertson sjefen i Lindows.

”We're going to shock a lot of people in the industry with this astonishing new version, which leaps ahead of Microsoft in every one of the categories I've listed. Obviously, beating Microsoft Windows XP in a head-to-head comparison is a bold statement, so I've listed 10 specific ways that the newest version of LindowsOS is superior below.”

1. Triple your friends
Some of your friends might use AOL's instant messenger service, others might be on Yahoo! and still others on MSN or ICQ. LindowsOS is the first operating system to ship with the default instant messenger program that connects to them all! Plus we add tabbed IM windows, integrated chat, IM logging, name aliases, and in-line spell checking.

2. No more Viagra ads
I hate opening up my e-mail and getting more spam than legitimate messages. Trying to sift through all the clutter to find the e-mail you want is aggravating and time-consuming. LindowsOS 4.0 comes with an intuitive junk-mail filtering system that automatically moves spam messages into the trash.

3. 87% fewer windows
Most people tend to get online and before they know it, have a dozen browser windows open. It's good to have lots of information accessible, but bad if you can't find the page you want. With LindowsOS 4.0, users can combine all of their browser windows into one neat tabbed-window. Once you've experienced tabbed-browsing, you'll never go back.

4. Block AOL and X10 ads
You usually don't have to be online for more than a minute or two before having popups all over your monitor. With LindowsOS 4.0, popups are blocked from sites that you select but still allows popups from sites of your choosing.

5. Have more time to watch your favorite reality TV shows
Spending hours installing computer software is a waste of precious time - it doesn't have to take that long. LindowsOS installs in under 10 minutes and doesn't bombard you with questions. Just select the install type, name your computer and the progress bar does the rest of the work, freeing you up for other activities.

6. Reduce tech-support calls you get from your mom
Chances are you offer free tech support for some of your friends and relatives. LindowsOS 4.0 comes pre-loaded with interactive demos and tutorials covering all the basic tasks. Encouraging users to watch these rich multimedia lessons is a great way get them up to speed.

7. Postponing laser eye surgery
LindowsOS 4.0 has awesome display quality, making text easier to read, papers and spreadsheets easier to write and the web easier to surf. Check out the side-by-side sample to see how much cleaner and better your screen can look when you're running LindowsOS 4.0.

8. Have more money to see the Matrix (5 or 10 times)
Lindows.com provides you with the world's most affordable software and LindowsOS is available for just $49.95. That's less than one-third the price of a full copy of Microsoft Windows XP. You can even download the software to get it immediately.

9. Have more time to play games like Orbz!
In the past, upgrading to the newest OS meant going out and buying the upgrade CD and then going through the painstaking process of trying to get your old computer running new technology. Using Click-N-Run, you can perform even major upgrades, like going from LindowsOS 3.0 to LindowsOS 4.0 (no cd required) with just one click.

10. Less wear and tear on your mouse
With just a single click of your mouse button, you can get just about anything on LindowsOS. You can install any one of over a thousand applications with one click. Using Click-N-Run Aisles, you can configure a computer (or a whole household of computers) with everything you want in one click. LindowsOS 4.0 will even upgrade every program you have installed through Click-N-Run to the newest versions with just one click
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