Ny Bibble-oppdatering

Oppdateringene består stort sett av bugfikser og tetning av minnelekkasjer, men også et alvorlig problem med filer fra Sony Alpha A100 er rettet, og støtte for Leica D-Lux 3 er lagt til.

Den komplette listen over oppdateringer finner du her:

  • Added Shooting Info back to PS plugin (Shift-f10)
  • Added: Support for Leica R8 + DMR
  • Added Photoshop Elements 5.0/4.0 install
  • Fixed bug in Noise Ninja support that could cause crashing
  • Fixed black line on right side of image when Noise Ninja is enabled
  • Fixed problem with PS Elements plugin “unsupported file”
  • Fixed import of IPTC info in photoshop plugin
  • Fixed DPI when using photoshop plugin.
  • Fixed missing ARW files in PS plugin.
  • Fixed bug that caused two JPEGs to be created when RAW+JPEG support is enabled (Linux)
  • Fixed bug preventing deletion/rename of Sony A100 files.
  • Fixed bug that vignetted heal spots in the preview image.
  • Fixed bug that caused the D70s not to be recognized by lens correction.
  • Fixed bug with selecting “close” Noise Ninja profiles when the exact profile isn’t available.
  • Fixed bug with spot cursor mode and selecting the white/gray/black points.
  • Fixed bug with HR slider not updating the image preview.
  • Fixed bug with batch queue JPEG settings and German language translation.
  • Fixed bug with tool reset not being saved if the reset was the last correction.
  • Fixed gallery bug: safari and Row style, no horz scroll bar
  • Fixed gallery bug: IE and Row style, occasional jump back to first image
  • Fixed hotkey issue: had to press CTRL+O twice to open
  • Fixed localization issue: Batch Settings panels not fitting in translated versions
  • Fixed localization issue: Many additional translation strings added
  • Fixed bug when batch queue destination was “relative” and path had a drive letter (Windows)
  • Fixed memory leak and crash related to generating thumbs.
  • Fixed memory leak related to BlackAndWhite plugin (even if not used)
  • Fixed d2hs FW2.0 camera white balance
  • Fixed black line on 400d xti
  • Fixed memory leak/crash related to sony a100 files
  • Fixed problem with D200 Fw2.0 cams.(And probalby d2x as well)
  • Fixed problem with Sony A100 and Leica DNG files on macintosh.

    Oppdateringen kan lastes ned fra Bibble Download Center.

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