MSN 9 leak tilgjengelig!

As we reported earlier about the whole MSN 9 Havoc over here, there was alot of speculation from people all over the world saying that it is not possible or its fake. Well just for a little inside on this. We do NOT provide any fake screenshots or stories. If we dont know for sure if it's true or not we do not post it.

Anyways to prove us we have leaked MSN 9. Yes it is still in alpha stages and the installer still says MSN 8 so dont freak out. This release marks the build number 9.00.0006.1700. Please be aware this is a very EARLY build and is buggy. We do not nor Micorosoft support this.

Check out the IRC for more information and download! IRC (Click Link): irc://

Many Thanks to Everyone Who Helped in this Including DarkTech and Aquadex!


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